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Top 3 things to do in Slovenia

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Not enough people realize just how amazing and beautiful Slovenia is. Maybe they aren’t sure where it is for a start. Well it’s a stones throw from a certain tourist haven called Venice, just to the north east of Italy.

It was recognized as being independent from Yugoslavia in 1992 and since then has gone from strength to strength and finally became part of the European Union in 2004. There are some truly unbelievably sights in this very mixed country. Here are just a few from the many.

1. Ljubljana

The capital of any country is always going to show you a pretty good cross-section of the whole society, but sometimes they fail to impress the more aesthetically appreciative of us. That is certainly not the case with Ljubljana. It’s right in the center of the country both in terms of geography, architecture, culture and everything in between. Highlights include the Castle, which dates back to the 12th Century but the site has a history dating way before Christ. Down in the city center you won’t go wrong for bustle in the Town Square, which boasts St Nicolas’ Cathedral at one end and the Robba’s Fountain in the middle. Check out the Skeleton Bar on the river for a drink. You’ll find cocktails and the coolest people in town but also some rather spooky skeletons around the place.

2. Portorož

Away from the city life you can find the most beautiful beach resort on the western tip of the island that is practically in Italy. The Port of Roses might on have 3000 inhabitants, but you can double that with the amount of tourists that flock there for the summer to lounge on the stunning sandy beaches. It’s not just about the swimming and sunbathing though. The town has a grand casino, a beautiful walkway along the marina and some great restaurants with some of the best fish you’re likely to taste.

4. Triglav National Park

Don’t be put off by the fact that Slovenia only has one National Park. With the help of Triglav, Slovenia could compete with countries that have a dozen. Being on the Austrian border you can expect to see mountains like the Alps. The highest peak is so grand they named the whole park after it. There are some great ways to explore the 800 square km area and one of the best ways it an organized hiking tour. There are about five different trails to choose from and each take in a great combination of landscape and culture along the way. Try and get on one that takes in the Martuljek Falls and you won’t be disappointed. Keep your eyes open too for the local Marble trout fish, which are only found in this region of the world and are quite a sight to behold.

Photo of dragon statue in Ljubljana, Slovenia originally posted by Damien Roué

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