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The Largest Theme Park in Latin America

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Originally known as Reino Aventura (est. 1982), the park has been the largest amusement and theme park in Latin America since it first opened its gates. In 1999, the park was purchased for nearly $60 million by Premier Parks and became Six Flags Mexico City. It closed until April of 2000 for some remodeling which included the addition of 20 new rides including Batman: The Ride, Kilauea, and the only wooden rollercoaster named Medusa.

Image by Vladimix

The park is located just southwest of Mexico City.  Other than Canada and the Netherlands, Six Flags Mexico City is the largest park of its type located outside the US.  The latest features include Hurricane, the last of Vekoma International’s Waikiki Wave Super Flip’s.  Three new roller-coasters were added between 2004 and 2009 which included Superman el Último Escape, Magic Light Parade, and The Dark Knight.  Terminator X: A Laser Battle for Salvation, an indoor laser tag (themed) attraction was added in 2011.

Six Flags Mexico City features 44 different rides and attractions which includes the following seven roller-coasters and the dates they opened:

-Catarina Voladora (opened 1982)
-Escorpion (opened 1982)
-Roller Skater (opened 1993)
-Batman the Ride (opened 2000)
-Medusa (opened 2000)
-Superman el Último Escape (2004)
-The Dark Knight (2009)

Along with these adrenalin-packed roller-coasters, there is the Adventure Kingdom so you can easily see how Premier Parks has done their best to imitate their US counterparts here at Six Flags Mexico City.  As with other Six Flags locations, dining facilities are available throughout the entire park.

In addition to the rides and other park attractions, you can enjoy Dolphin Discovery Six Flags, Mexico City’s only such attraction.  Here you can enjoy while carrying back memories of that once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming with these magnificent and highly intelligent dolphins.  Set on a total of 135 acres, Six Flags Mexico City is the perfect combination of a dolphinarium, a theme park, and wild animal exhibits.

Six Flags Mexico City is divided into seven major park attractions, all of which feature rides that are exclusive to each of them.  They are broken down as follows:

-Bugs Bunny’s Circus (El Circo de Bugs Bunny)
-Cowboy Village (Pueblo Vaquero)
-French Village (Pueblo Francés)
-Mexican Village (Pueblo Mexicano)
-Polynesian Village (Pueblo Polinesio)
Swiss Village (Pueblo Suizo)

All of the above makes Six Flags Mexico City an excellent family vacation destination should you be traveling deep into Mexico.

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