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3 great markets in Seattle, WA

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Seattle marketsThe vibrant cultural scene of Seattle boasts some of the most diverse markets in the US.

Supporters of the ‘locavore’ movement can grab a re-usable canvas bag and brows the goods of all-natural, locally grown produce. Those in search of more exotic fair have plenty to chose from at an Asian super-store. And for those looking to find hidden treasures, look no further than the ultimate flea market.

1. Pike Place Market, a must for any visitor in Seattle.

Visiting Pike Place Market is a must for any visitor to Seattle. A trip to this year-round shmorgasbord of gourmet goodies will find you in a tangle of beautiful scenery and busy locals. Start at the southern entrance where you can watch the famous fishmongers shout and toss their flying salmon over the heads of unassuming onlookers. Continue down the covered shopping area and sample anything from baked treats and homemade jam to fresh apples and salmon jerky. Across the street from the market are novelty shops and restaurants where you’ll find souvenirs that are anything but ordinary. Try out the surrounding restaurants as well. The local French bakery and neighboring pierogi shop never disappoint.

Location: Public Market – Parking Garage – 1531 Western Ave. Seattle, WA 98101

Hours: Open year-round, seven days a week. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Venders make their own hours and are usually set up by 8 a.m.

2. Uwajimaya, Seattle’s Asian market.

This Asian wonderland is not so much a market as an all-encompassing super-store. Visiting Uwajimaya is a great way to get a sense of the thriving Asian population that inhabits Seattle. Walking through the aisles jam packed with exotic products is like walking through another world. The store is a veritable museum of Asian lifestyle allowing you to sample anything from the infamous durian fruit to sushi-grade fish. If you are just visiting and don’t have a place to cook, head over to the food court where you can try fresh sushi, crunchy egg rolls and sweet bubble teas. Beautiful house wares and cooking tools can be found at the front of the store for an exceptionally affordable price. Check the on line calendar for cooking classes.

Location: 600 5th Avenue South – Seattle, WA 98104

Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9AM-10PM; Sunday 9AM-9PM

3. Fremont Market, a European-style flea market in Seattle.

Take stroll just North of the Space Needle to the European-style flea market in Fremont. Like any such market, there’s no telling what you’ll find here. Vintage clothing, imported goods and arts and crafts are just the beginning of this oversized garage sale. The surrounding stores and restaurants also have much character to offer, making Fremont an ideal place to bliss away a Sunday afternoon. Feel free to bring a pet or a bike, as both are welcome.

Location: 400 N 34th St Seattle, WA 98103

Hours: Summer- 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Winter-10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Photo of Seattle market stall originally posted by Ruth L


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