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Top 3 Vegetarian Restaurants in Sardinia, Italy

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

The ideal combination of culture, history, and the ocean can be found on the island of Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The landscape is dotted with thousands of stone structures, proving how steeped in history the country is. Whether you visit the capital city of Cagliari, explore the Spanish-gothic town of Alghero (founded in medieval times), or you schmooze with the wealthier tourists up in Costa Smerelda. The beaches are some of the most pristine you will find anywhere in Europe and the towns are nothing short of picturesque.

From a traveling standpoint, Sardinia is one of the true ideal destinations that takes you away from it all and has a little something for even the pickiest of tastes. The numerous attractions, entertainment, events, and shopping leave nothing to be desired. And then there is the cuisine, which is a favorite of international travelers everywhere, even those that insist on a vegetarian menu. Unfortunately, there are only a few vegetarian places on the entire island (three to be exact) and they are all in different cities, namely Alghero, Cagliari, and Olbia.

1. Ko De Kap

Located at Via Asfodelo 35 near at Via Garibaldi, and in front of the Piazza Della Pace. The venue here is strictly take-out and it is not 100% vegetarian so you need to be aware of that when perusing the menu. It is an organic restaurant and the menu is international, so not all of the cuisine is Sardinian. Suffice it to say, there are still plenty of vegetarian choices. Additionally, they do offer delivery no matter where you are staying in the city. The beer and wine list is fairly impressive as well.

2. T Restaurant

This is the highest quality restaurant in Cagliari and features a smaller vegetarian menu which is not near as extensive as the regular one. Additionally, all of the produce used is grown fresh on the island and despite the fact that any fish entrée is not vegetarian faire, it is brought in freshly caught from the Mediterranean the day it is to be cooked and served. All of the vegetarian dishes are prepared with a certain Mediterranean flair and the compliment to that savory meal is anyone of the many delectable wines that they offer.

3. Desole Farm House

Located at Su Canale – Monti. The farmhouse is actually situated deep within the lush Galluran countryside and has only been operating since 2003. However, don’t let that stop you, this is the finest Bed and Breakfast that you will find on the island, but with a twist. There is also the restaurant that is attached to the premises. The menu does vary somewhat based on the season, but it features the standard and the vegetarian entrees year round.

Photo of vegetarian antipasto in Oristano, Sardinia, by L I S S I

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  1. Ejp says:
    January 1st, 2013 at 15:33

    You forgot to mention the delicious “La Terra di Mezzo” in Cagliari!

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