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6 Great Bars in Sarajevo

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Sarajevo, Bosnia is almost smug about the fact that it’s so cool but not many people know it is. The size of the city is on its side when it comes to wanting a night out, crawling from bar to bar.

There’s always a ‘next Prague’ being touted in Eastern Europe, but if you’re looking for something as up and coming as you could possibly find, then look no further than the nightlife of Sarajevo.

There are a few good bars dotted all around the city but if you want to go straight for the main artery then get yourselves to the Bascarsija. It’s in the old part of town and when you see the buildings you’ll notice a certain Ottoman feel to it, as it dates back to the time when the Turks would have used the area as the ‘Bas-Carsi…Main-Market…’. Here you can wander the back streets and never be short of a watering hole or two.

1. Kinema

Kinema is a great bar/club found deep in the main pedestrianized bit Ferhadija, which won’t put off those from out of town who are perhaps a little daunted by the locals. You’ll find most people inside speak in tongues.

2. Buddha Bar

Another really friendly place, if not a little cheesy with it, is Buddha Bar found on Radiceva 10. The music might not be the most up to date all the time but it’s always good to dance to once you’ve sampled some of the many drinks available.

3. City Pub

Don’t be put of by the unadventurously named City Pub near the Hotel Europe. It’s one of the best places in Sarajevo for live music. It’s a big enough place so you won’t get squashed and there’s a rather tasty Mexican restaurant in case you haven’t eaten before you go out. The music ranges from Blues to Rock to Jazz to Funk but is always great fun and full of friendly people.

4. Clou

You have to check out Clou on Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 5, Baš?aršija. It’s worth going just to feel you’re discovering the underground of Sarajevo as you will find the bar hidden down a dark alleyway and then down some even darker steps. But if you want somewhere cool and speak-easy then this your place.

5. Karabit Café

More chilled out is the Karabit Café on Zelenih Beretki 8, Baš?aršija. It’s one of those reliable places that is both always open and always open to newcomers. It’s a really good choice for both days and nights as their coffee is as good as their beer. It’s also not bad for a bite to eat too.

 6. Aqua Disco

Cranking up the tempo again though is the Aqua Disco Mali Kiseljak 8, Ilidža which could end being one of the more memorable places you go to on a night out. If you imagine what the swimming pool parties when you were ten were like and then make them the adult version, then you have the Aqua Disco.

Photo of bar in Sarajevo, Bosnia by kotle

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