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Nightlife of Sao Paolo, Brazil

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Brazil’s largest city and one of the most targeted tourist destinations in the country is Sao Paolo.  You will encounter one of the most intense cultural experiences here, and a host of ethnic and cosmopolitan experiences that remain unique to Sao Paolo. If you’re a lover of the nightlife, Sao Paolo is the city to vacation in when ever you are visiting Brazil.

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The following are some of the better hotspots for experiencing the nightlife of Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Armazém Do Alemão – the easy-going atmosphere and the friendly serving staff make this restaurant a popular choice of the locals and tourists.  There is a diverse number of choices where cold appetizers and the salad bar are concerned, while the entrées feature a wide range of grilled chicken, fish, and meat dishes.  However, the main attractant is the extended Happy Hour (5:30 pm to 10:00 pm) that attracts the after-work crowd.

Clash Club – situated in the heart of Sao Paolo, the Clash Club was constructed out of a 1930’s airplane hangar and was voted as the best nightclub in the city for two years in a row by the Paulistas Club who write for the Folha de São Paulo newspaper.  From house music provided by famous local DJ’s to rock n’ roll, you will find that the atmosphere here is always lively, especially on theme nights such as hip-hop on Tuesdays and techno on Fridays.  The drinks are strong and the waiting staff provides excellent service.

Magnólia Villa Bar – the moment you enter this establishment, the unique vintage décor and walls decorated with hundreds of old black and white photos surrounds you with an invitingly warm ambiance.  You can enjoy a wide range of delicacies as you sit at one of the club’s quaint tables.  Take your pick from bruschetta, exotic meat dishes, or pizza.  The Magnólia Villa Bar does an excellent job with all their entrées.  For dessert, their cream cheese filo pastries are positively indulgent.

Pink Elephant – frequented by the more glamorous clientele of Sao Paolo, this is one establishment that boasts a chic atmosphere and some heart-throbbing live music to go along with it.  Professional DJ’s play some house music reminiscent of the alternative 80’s and 90’s rock genre while an extensive list of tasty cocktails is available for quenching one’s thirst after numerous dances.  Interesting events and nightly themes are the main allure of the Pink Elephant so be sure to check this place out.

Lotus – Based and designed on the Lotus in New York, the hot and happening club attacrts the rich and famous in the city. It is situated at the Sao Paulo World Trade Center and is open a few days in the week and all through the weekend.


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