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San Francisco for Solo Travelers

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Experiencing San Francisco on your own has many positives:

you can go at your own pace, not be pressured into doing something you’re not interested in, and take as many photos you want of that church steeple with perfect mid-day light.

Stay at a hostel

Staying at a hostel in San Francisco affords you the opportunity to meet other travelers and have a group to go out with at night. That way you have the day to yourself and the option of nightlife with new friends.

Take a walking tour

Taking a walking tour, on your own, of the neighborhoods in San Francisco is a great way to explore. There are multiple books and maps that will guide you through the districts. Pick one up before you arrive or get one when you check-in to your sleeping spot. Either way, they make a great companion when you’re solo. Or, if you don’t feel like being alone, the city has guided walks, ask for more information at your hotel/hostel.

  • Recommended areas for walking tours: the Mission District - eclectic, diverse, odd shops and diverse food options; Chinatown- one of the Bay Area’s most historic places and fun.
  • Alcatraz Island or “The Rock” is the setting for many Hollywood hits. The audio-guided tour of the retired federal penitentiary is well worth it. Be sure to get your tickets ahead of time ( about $25.00).
  • Golden Gate Park is a one-stop place for people watching, museums, various monuments and popular architecture. It’s easy to get there by bus and there is free parking if you want to navigate through San Francisco’s notorious streets. Don’t forget to walk all the way west until you hit the water, you’ll be at Ocean Beach.

So if your legs are up for it, walk your way through San Francisco, and don’t forget to bring your camera for perfectly lit photo-ops.

Photo of Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA by Anirudh Koul

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