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The Dish on San Diego Food Trucks

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Given its diverse ethnic and cultural population, San Diego’s variety of cuisine options is endless—from Mexican to Italian to Indian and everything in between. Although mobile street food isn’t exactly new in San Diego, as the gourmet food truck phenomenon sweeps the nation, San Diego’s food truck scene is one of the leaders of this gastro-revolution and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular San Diego attractions. With nearly perfect weather year round, there’s no better city to grab your meal outside. Plus, the usage of social media is driving these trucks to new heights in popularity.

San Diego Food Truck

Photo of MIHO Gastrotruck by hober

Here’s a brief guide to some of the most popular food trucks in the area. Although the trucks follow a weekly schedule, the best way to find a specific truck is by checking out its Twitter and Facebook pages. Of course, if you’re not picky, you’re bound to see some of these trucks as you wander around San Diego, especially if you picked up a San Diego City Pass beforehand.

Super Q
This relatively new food truck is gaining popularity fast by serving up some of the best hickory smoked BBQ on the coast. The all-American BBQ they offer combines elements of North Carolina, Texas, and St. Louis flavors and styles. Their signature sandwich is the pulled pork with macaroni and cheese.

Chop Soo-ey
This truck was founded by already-acclaimed chef Deborah Scott (of Island Prime and Indigo Grill). The Chop Soo-ey truck, nicknamed the “Pig Rig” offers a very unique pork-centric menu. You’ll find options like pulled-pork sliders on Hawaiian sweet rolls, beef satay with peanut sauce and sesame seeds, or fried calamari in Vietnamese sauce…to name a few.

Mangia Mangia Mobile
Branding itself as “San Diego’s First and Only Gourmet Italian Food Truck,” Mangia offers up an extensive Italian menu that changes daily. You’ll enjoy pastas, paninis, and salads made with fresh salmon, cage-free chicken, and farmers market tomatoes. Mangia proudly boasts that they share the same passion for cooking as did their Italian ancestors in the homeland.

MIHO Gastrotruck
MIHO uses only fresh, local, and thoughtfully sourced ingredients to create gourmet dishes that are affordable, convenient, and of course, delicious. As they use produce sourced as locally as possible, their menu is seasonal. Some items you might find include the Local Veggie Salad, the Classic Burger, the Summer Gumbo, or the Belgian Style Fries.

With a tagline like “food so good, it’s bad,” you know you have to try this truck out. They serve hearty comfort food to fill you up, adding a twist to home-cooking classics. Their most popular item is the decadent Lobster Grilled Cheese.  Other options to try are the PB & J with Cream Cheese and Bacon or the “All Crab-Crab Cake” with fried egg and Devilicious Sauce.

Tabe BBQ
This truck serves up San Diego’s premier Asian Fusion food on wheels. They create tacos and burritos that blend together cuisine from different cultures for unbelievable flavor. Taco and burrito options include BBQ beef, BBQ chicken, beer battered fish, and spicy pork—all with tender meat, crisp veggies, and daily-homemade salsas.

Two for the Road
Specializing in American comfort food, the owners of this truck have a goal: to bring the best of food from around the country to San Diego. So what do they serve? A favorite is the Captain Crunch Crab Cakes, a superb mix of savory and sweet. Also try New England Lobster Rolls, Seattle Salmon Burgers, Miami Mojito Chicken Sandwiches, and retro-style soda in a glass bottle.

India on Wheels
Bringing the flavors of Mumbai to the streets of San Diego, India on Wheels is the only SD truck serving vegetarian Indian cuisine. Although some say their portion sizes are small, they offer unique dishes at a good price. A popular item to try is the Tandoori Tikka Grilled Cheese.

Green Truck
Green Truck is just what it sounds like, a food truck dedicated to serving organic, healthy food in an environmentally conscious way (recyclable and compostable packaging, solar-powered kitchen, vegetable oil in place of gasoline). This truck boasts something for everyone, “whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or classic omnivore.”

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2 responses to “The Dish on San Diego Food Trucks”

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  1. Mack Reynolds says:
    July 21st, 2011 at 18:11

    wow what a really good review of the various trucks in SD. i’d love to take a trip there just to sample a bit (and by a bit i mean a bunch) of food from a food truck. the food trucks in florida aren’t exactly gourmet, or awe-inspiring, or even that good. it’d be nice to see what SD has to offer.

  2. Louise says:
    July 27th, 2011 at 17:51

    I love this food truck trend that is slowly taking over. It’s hit New York too and I’ve tasted some delicious street treats.

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