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Top 3 Spot for Collectors in Rotterdam

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Sure, there are plenty of shops  for shopaholics in Rotterdam, but what about the avid collectors who have a special interest in comic books, intricate figurines and perhaps 1950s memorabilia?

This article is for those you who, like me, share a passion in life’s little collectibles.

1. Yendor Stripwinkel

If there was a comic book heaven out there, this would be it! Tucked away amidst the modern and trendy shops along Korte Hoogstraat, this charming comic book store is to die for. The showcase is decorated with cartoon goodies, an enticing promise of the treasures inside – Asterix serving bowl, Stargate Atlantis figurines (I needed a wraith for my window ledge), Tintin comic books and so much more!! You enter into a cozy section stocked with comic books. Tons and tons of comic books (in Dutch but the ones in the back had books in English). Tintin, Leonard, Asterix, Suske and Wiske, Bleach, Naruto, Superman, Wolverine … the list is endless. There is also an interesting collection of board games, from the more common ones like Scrabble to the hilariously silly ones like the Munchkin series. Upstairs (as well as a little section of the entrance floor) showcase an impressive collection of figurines. Collectors will have a field day here. A vast selection of Star Wars figures decorated the top floor. Look out for the Imperial Soldier helmet! There were also cute Simpson figures , macabre creatures from Tim Burton movies, creepy figures from classic Hollywood movies. As for non-American goodies, did I mention Smurfs, Barbapapa and Bleach collectibles? The bottom floor, with its vast selection of jigsaw puzzles, is what I like to call birthday gifts for my little cousins – from quaint world maps to ones inspired by artistic paintings, this floor is also worth checking out.

2. The Collector’s Company

This was just an absolute delight to explore. Whether you are a fan of animated lore or looking for something cute for the little ones, this store is a fun sightseeing choice. Located in Weena Zuid, this shop will be hard to miss – there is a life size statue of Mickey Mouse greeting you with open arms right outside the shop. I loved the various paraphernalia in the shop. Disney classics like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were available in the form of tea cups, bags and of course a quaint tea pot. There was also the pretty-in-pink Hello Kitty goodies, from gift size bath sets to adorable bags. Other than the interesting Tintin figurines (perhaps Tintin’s popularity can be attributed to the creator being Belgian?), I also noticed a fascinating collection of figurines – macabre little bits and pieces straight out of works of art from legends like Salvador Dali. The Collector’s Company also has their own website. Other than a useful online catalog, I liked the little bit about upcoming events in their shop.

3. Bully’s Fifties

A tiny shop, hidden away next to the hardware store in Havenstraat, Historische Delfshaven, I came across this shop by chance. It will be an absolute delight for fans of 1950s collectibles. I found a rustic coffee grinder, some beautiful tin boxes, fascinating collection of advertising signs ( one of a cheeky gnome caught my eye), a tiny orange tabletop television and various little knickknacks. One more thing about Bully’s – they are also interested in purchasing quaint 50s goodies that anyone is keen to sell.

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Photo of toys in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, by moqub


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