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Best Summer Events in Rome

Friday, August 24th, 2012

When summer arrives, Rome begins to flex its cultural muscles. An enormous range of musical and theatrical events spring up around the city poised and ready to entertain.  It’s a great time to visit this most ancient of cities and with such a wide range of outdoor venues and unsurpassed events, the city seems to be brimming with its own pride which is understandable and perhaps a little forgivable. The vast majority of these events are held outside under the sky and this is all to the good as it endows Rome and its events with a character unique to this part of the world.

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‘Fiesta’ is a well-established Latin American Dance and Music event held at the Via delle Tre Fontane and will feature a concert every night up until the middle of August.

The ‘Roma Vintage’ will also be running through to August 11 for the classical music aficionado. If you enjoy some of histories must celebrated musicians and their work then heading over to the Sant’Ivo yard for outdoor chamber music is a must.

The ‘Roma Incontra il Mondo’ held in the Villa Ada Park boasts a large selection of talented musicians and a stage set up under the trees. The Roma Incontra il Mondo (or Rome meets the world) is heading into its 19th year and holding onto its reputation as being a festival of the world. The line-up offers a vast variety of music from Africa to Argentina, with the food stalls and cuisine reflecting this ‘meet the world’ attitude.

The on-going ‘Estate Romana’ is held from June to September all over Rome. Estate Romana (Roman Summer) takes place in Palazzi, parks and courtyards. Entertainment ranging from local bands, outdoor films shown on spectacular screens, late night poetry readings and gastronomic events all add together as part of the same celebration.

Also from June to September, ‘Cosmophonies’ will be entertaining with its own line up of international theatre, music and dance held in the Roman Theatre of Ostia Antica. This festival has gained itself a reputation for excellence over the years with the area it is located in looking stunning and the line-up unlikely to ever disappoint.

And finally, in Celimontana park on the 10th of August, an Italian folk dance performance will be held on the centre stage. ‘Lungo il Tevere’ takes place alongside the river Tiber for the whole month and provides late night revellers with the opportunity to dine and shop late into the evening.

Remember that this is just a very small sampling of what Rome has to offer throughout the summer months. The city itself is gorgeous and the cultural events that happen through the summer reflect just a small part of its character. Get there and experience it all!

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