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5 Fun Facts about Rome, Italy

Monday, February 21st, 2011

So you’re planning a trip to Rome and you’ve done a bit of research beforehand. You’ve worked out how to get from from the airport to your hotel. Naturally, you’ve made your hotel room reservations on (wink, wink) and you’ve made a list of recommended restaurants you want to check out during your trip. You’ve even mapped out your itinerary of  the ‘Must’ sights to see. But how well do you really think you know Rome? We’ve put together some fun facts about Rome that maybe you didn’t know yet.

Colosseum, Rome

1. She-Wolf

Shakira isn’t the only one who knows something about she-wolves. Did you know that Rome’s mascot is a she-wolf that suckles and cares for the brothers Romulus and Remus (the founders of Rome)? Legend has it that the brothers were abandoned by their uncle in the wild. The twins were later discovered by a she-wolf who rescued and nursed them. Romulus and Remus eventually returned back to their birthright and decided to found a new city. Hence, Rome was born.

2. Colosseum

Rome’s Colosseum, a huge amphitheatre located in the center of the Ancient City, at one time could seat as many as 50,000 spectators of gladiator games and other public battles. The Colosseum which was constructed between 70 and 72 AD is among the Seven Wonders of the World. The historic monument can also be found on the Italian five-cent euro coin.

3. Now That’s a Work of Art!

Did you know that 60% of the world’s art treasures can be found in the beautiful  Italy?

4. Three Coins in a Fountain – Make a Wish!

Just about every tourist heads over to the Trevi Fountain to throw a coin in and make a wish that they too will once return to the Eternal City. But have you ever wondered just how much money gets tossed into the Fontana di Trevi each year? According to the City of Rome, nearly €700,000 worth of coins gets tossed in each year. The proceeds are donated to Caritas to help the needy.

5.  A Whole Lotta Pasta!

Everyone knows that pasta is Italy’s staple dish. Italians eat it for lunch. They eat it for dinner. They simply, can’t live without their pasta. Just how much of it do they consume each year? It is estimated that Italinas eat about 60 pounds of pasta per person per year.

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Venere Travel Blog writer nicole arriaga

After working in Miami as writer and TV producer, Nicole Arriaga decided to trade in the sun and sand for the 'dolce vita' in 2003 and move to Rome. She writes for various publications including The American, and works for a study abroad organization in Rome.

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  3. Hawaii Vacation Reviews says:
    March 3rd, 2011 at 07:57

    Rome has a number of distinct nightlife zones, each with its own particular feel. For high-density clubs offering anything from salsa to live jazz to international DJs, head for well-established Testaccio or newly buzzing Ostiense

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    The Colloseum is not one of the seven wonders of the world!

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    I am off to Rome next week and wanting more than just a trip of sites, I want to fall in love with life again.

    I will make my 3 wishes, do my bit for charity, thank you for the knowledge.

    I will eat tons of carbs and add to that score…

    I will go to the Colosseum and wear a pair of gladiator sandals (for effect, lol)

    Going to see all the art I can possibly so that I cover 60 % of the worlds most famous art.

    I will work in the She wolf in there somewhere…could explain the big hair of Italian women, lol

    Thank you for the information.

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