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A Fall Holiday in Romania

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Romania conjures up eerie and mysterious images. The wonder of this country is its undiscovered lands dating back to the former Eastern Bloc.

As autumn getaways go, Romania with its dark history and modern day anomalies provides a wonderland like experience. September and October are noted for being two of the best months of the year to plan a journey to the country that is also renowned for being the homeland of Dracula himself.

The Weather in Romania

Winters are basically beyond cruelty. So, making an autumn trip is definitely advisable unless of course you have an enthusiasm for the meanest winters in Easter Europe. While summers tend to be somewhat hot the autumn, as is the case throughout the world, is the most comfortable and relaxing of the seasons.

Things to Do in Romania

Bird watching in the Danube Delta is best experienced in spring and fall. Hiking and nature walks are Romanian great past times and just the thing for a day out. Romania has a packed schedule of folklore festivals featuring various theatrical themes. One of the popular fall festivals to attend is the International Chamber Music Festival concerts in Bran and Brasov , about 166 km from Bucharest. Another festival held is The Sambra Oilor, which is a major pastoral festival to mark the sheep herds coming down from the mountains. This festival is also held in and around Bran.

What you can Expect to See in Romania

The oldie world feel of Romania is very apparent in the daily life of the Romanian people. You can expect to see horse drawn carriages long side modern day fast cars to and from country lanes. Once considered the weird and sublime modern Romania comfortably blends into the society mold of any other NATO and European Union nation. Medieval homes and farmhouse stand with mystique modesty reminding locals and visitor of the splendid country’s origins.

Most Popular Day Excursions from Bucharest

Bran castle is a fairytale castle that is often mistaken for that of the medieval prince Vlad Tepes turn bloodthirsty vampire. With its turrets and whitewashed walls, Saxons built the castle in 1382 to defend the Bran pass against Turks. There is a fountain in the courtyard that conceals a labyrinth of secret underground passages, which has to be seen to be believed. There is an entry fee, which includes admission into two on-site museums known as the ethnographic museum and Vama Bran Museum.

Getting Around Romania

The simplest way to get around Romania is the bus. Not only is it utterly cheap it makes for a magnificent way to take in the sights and town of Romania. I must warn that the down side to using the bus is that it is also utterly slow. Hours and hours can be spent just taking the bus between sights alone. The railway has been the fast and efficient way to get around Romania. There are frequent trains provided from/to Bucharest and every major city in Romania. With a choice of five different trains to choose from you only need to get yourself down to the nearest train station to commence.

Photo of autumn in Brasov, Romania originally posted by tttaaaooo

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  1. Oigan says:
    October 8th, 2008 at 18:32

    Great article… I’ve been to Romania this year and it’s a great country. Mountain areas are really, really special. I truly recommend.

  2. Romanian pen pal says:
    October 12th, 2012 at 18:11

    It is realy fine post, hunting very interesting will be glad display and recomendate my local freinds Iam confident they shall be happy read this article

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