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How to Choose the Right Road to North Cape

Monday, October 29th, 2012

A 1,000ft cliff which is the northern most point of both Europe and Norway and otherwise known as North Cape, Nordkapp attracts many travellers every year who want to see the breathtaking views that it offers.


Image: Daniele Faleta

In order to experience this popular destination, there are many ways which enable you to see it for yourself. Although you can get a flight to the Lufthavn Honningsvåg airport which is only thirty miles away, travelling there by road is highly recommended because you will get to see the surrounding landscape on your way there which is equally breathtaking.

The road which leads to North Cape
You might expect the road to North Cape to be rough and unsteady because of the cold temperatures which it has all year round. However, the road which is connected to North Cape is excellent. The E69 is linked directly to North Cape so additional time won’t be wasted on walking because you can stay in the warmth of your car and won’t have to step outside until you actually arrive. Travelling there has recently become even easier after a sub-sea tunnel was opened in June 1999. Linking the mainland to the Magerøya Island, you have to pay charges in order to use the tunnel. There are exceptions because cyclists and pedestrians are not normally charged at all. If you want to spend a couple of days in North Cape in your caravan, you won’t have to pay a toll fee either.

Getting there needn’t take ages
Whether you’re travelling to Nordkapp by car, bicycle or want to hitchhike there, it is a beautiful location. The Norwegian way of life is envied around the world and the copious amounts of fresh air which can be enjoyed there will only make the views seem even more breathtaking. It’ll be very difficult to find a location which is like North Cape anywhere else in the world. With people of all ages travelling there every year, it has to be seen in order to be believed.

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