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Rio de Janeiro’s Sexiest Beaches

Friday, September 7th, 2012

One of the main reasons that Brazil’s second most populated city attracts so many locals and tourists every year is because of its many wonderful beaches – often referred to as the sexiest beaches in Rio de Janeiro.  With over 50 miles of coastal shoreline above, below and bordering the city, beach lovers enjoy the waterfront location here no matter which one of the beaches they spend their time at.

Image by THea Louie

Arpoador Beach – one of the more popular beach destinations and definitely one of the sexiest beaches in Rio , this one is revered as the most famous of the bunch.  It is situated between Copacabana and Ipanema beach and its large rock formation serves as the boundary between them.  This beach  is also popular with families.

Abrico Beach – Abrico is a nudist beach located the area of Grumari.  This beach gained nudist classification in 2003.

Barra da Tijuca Beach – Rio de Janeiro’s longest beachfront area for those who want a more peaceful beach location, this one is just the ticket as it is one of the least crowded of all of Rio’s beaches.

Botafogo Beach – also ranked as one of the more popular beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Botafogo is not that large of an area.  In fact it resembles a bay more than a beach.  Locals will tell you that this is more of a sunbathing beach than one for swimming because of the dangerous rip tides.

Copacabana Beach – you cannot talk about the sexiest beaches in Rio without mentioning this one.  It gets its name from the world famous Copacabana Palace Hotel, a popular destination of the rich and famous.  Activities ranging from beach volleyball and soccer to swimming are very popular here.  However, you can party 24/7 on the pristine white sands.

Ipanema Beach – the  hit song of the mid 60’s, “Girl from Ipanema” got its name from this beach.  Not only is it rated as one of the sexiest beaches in Rio, it is the best beach to relax on and watch the sun set over the city.  It is also a very popular for local and international surfers as well as the rich and famous, just like Copacabana.

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