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A Brief Guide to Rimini, Italy

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

On the east coast of Italy in the region of Emilia Romagna there is a beach town that would impress even the most hardcore party orientated travelers.

The town of Rimini is just about 1 hour south east of Bologna and is easy to access by train or automobile.

Rimini Landmarks

The city of Rimini is the king of beach towns. With one of the biggest lengths of beach in Europe, it is definitely a great place to spend a weekend. This town isn’t just famous for it’s beach it also is home to some very historical monuments. At the entrance to the city you will see the Arch of Augustus as it leads you to the town center, the arch was built in 27 BC. At the opposite side of Rimini’s center you will cross over The Tiberius Bridge, this roman designed bridge over the Marecchia River was commissioned by Emperor Augustus in 14 BC and was finished under the reign of Tiberius in 21 BC. The bridge joins the city center with the more historic downtown of Borgo San Giuliano.

Rimini Food and Restaurants

Rimini was known traditionally as a fishing town, and today you can find many seafood restaurants that still carry on that tradition, especially in the small curving streets of Borgo San Guiliano. One of the first things you need to do when you arrive in Rimini is; of course, eat! Every region has it’s own special dishes and tastes and Emilia Romagna is one of my favorites. With reasonable prices and great portions it is one of the best regions to pull up a seat around a table.

If you don’t have time to tuck into a giant slab of lasagna or a small mountain of tagliatella then you should try Rimini’s own fast food: Cassoni. Cassoni is in the same style as a calzone but with a slightly different assembly. The outside wrap is always the same and is a staple food for Emilia Romagna: piadina. Piadina is a type of tortilla shaped soft bread made with the simple ingredients of salt, flour, lard, and water (or olive oil). When it encloses a mixture of your choice, including herbs, meats, and cheeses (my favorite being the classic tomato and mozzarella combo) it becomes cassoni. This food has all three essentials: it’s cheap, delicious, and easy to take away to the beach. Rimini is filled with Piadinerias (look for the sign “Piade & Cassoni”).

Rimini Beach and Nightlife

The area along the beach is crowded with hotels, giving you a great diversity in prices and sleeping arrangements. At night the beach is a very different place. Bars and clubs open into the streets as thirsty crowds move up and down the coast looking for a drink. A favorite pub of many is the Rose and Crown, a traditional English pub opened in 1964; it is famous for its live music, seaside terrace, and frosty beers. Located across from the beach near Piazza Marvelli (#2 Viale Regina Elena) Rose and Crown is a great place to have a drink and some pub grub. I would recommend the very popular “giraffe,” a long necked two liter personal tap that is transported straight to your table. You won’t have to worry about flagging down a waiter or making pilgrimages to the bar with your handy giraffe tap sitting near you. After a long night of drinking it isn’t unusual to see a few people jumping into the water to freshen back up…

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Photo of Rimini Beach, Italy by Grabowski

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  1. patrick says:
    May 11th, 2013 at 15:53

    Me and my family of 12 in total are staying in Tuscany and I have heard that Rimini is a must. Is it worth a one day stay? We have four teens and two young men in their 20s.

  2. Sara Brandimonte says:
    May 22nd, 2013 at 11:50

    Of course it is! Rimini is full of crowded clubs in summertime and your children will surely enjoy the atmosphere.

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