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Visit Riccione and Rimini Championships

Monday, May 6th, 2013

There is no better place to spend this summer holidays than Riccione and Rimini in Italy. Please, read on to find out why.

Tourist Attractions and Sports Events
This summer, you need to make a real break from your daily routine to get thoroughly refreshed and rejuvenated. The Italian Adriatic coast cities of Riccione and Rimini will be the best place to relax because apart from the usual tourist attractions, Riccione will hold the International Skate Team Trophy competition on 28 and 29 June and Rimini the European Cheerleading Championship on 29 and 30 June. Organisers chose these neighbouring cities for these events because they have successfully held sports events in the past. In fact, Riccione held the European Cheerleading Championship 2012. The events and many tourism attractions in the area will provide complete relaxation.

Girls cheerleading
(photo by: SD Dirk)

International Skate Trophy
The Riccione 2013 will be the eighth edition of the annual International Skate Team Trophy. The event is a dance skating and precision group international competition. Its organiser is Riccione Figure Skating Association and sponsor is the Municipality of Riccione.

The organisers have released the following information on the event. First, the venue for the competition is Pista Giardini open air skating rink at the centre of Riccione. The 40 by 20 metre square rink is finished in quartz and concrete. It is equipped with changing rooms, lighting and stands. Second, there will be nine categories to be competed including Precision Senior and Quartets. There are rewards in each category for coaches, athletes, and the winning society. Third, each participant will pay is EUR 15.00 to cater for Team Skate Trophy participation, workshop and final party. The deadline for registration is 14 June 2013. Last, attendants can make reservations for accommodation at the Hotel Mediterraneo in Riccione.

European Cheerleading Championship 2013
European Cheerleading Association (ECA) organises the annual championships. More than 1500 athletes competed in the 2012 championships. ECA expects more participants in 2013. The arena has three main areas. First, a real sports arena where international competitions, performances and European Cheerleading Championship will take pace. It is inside the Palacongressi. Second, an exhibition area with stands for special events, animations, music and sport. Last, a warm up area for participants to prepare. Attendants can make reservations for accommodation at the Hotel Card International in Rimini.

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