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Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Riga

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

If there was ever a compilation listing of the top 10 restaurants in the Baltic region of Europe, no doubt the list would have to include many of the establishments that you would experience while visiting Riga, Latvia’s capital city as well as the largest city in the country.  Riga is also the second largest city overall in the Eastern Baltic region.  By far, it is the most cosmopolitan and vibrant city of the area so you will find a number of opportunities to experience international cuisine as well as the local foods.

Riga Latvia Fruits and Vegetables

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Although somewhat limited in number, there are restaurants that feature or at least offer some Vegan and Vegetarian dishes in the city of Riga.  The following are the ones that we feel are worth visiting while vacationing in the city:

Oga – one of Riga’s most popular restaurants.  They do have a small assortment of Vegan and/or Vegetarian dishes, but they feature an array of cuisine that ranges from Afghan to Yugoslavian. However, despite the lack of choices, we have recommended Oga because the restaurant is an excellent venue for families, larger groups, and romantic couples.

Rama – most of the Vegan or Vegetarian dishes are comprised of rice and vegetables, but there is a nice assortment of pastries as well.  The food is either Hari Krishna or Indian in nature, but truly a tasty experience to behold.

Ekovirtuve – probably the #1 recommended Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant in Riga even though it is not 100% as the restaurant serves meat as well.  It is situated in the Old Town sector of the city.  You will find organic dishes that are Ayurvedic and/or Latvian, and they also have a take-out menu.

Kamala – a popular dining spot for Vegan/Vegetarian as well as non-Vegan/Vegetarian.  The menu is rotated daily, so you should call ahead to see if they are featuring these types of dishes for the day or not.  The primary focus is on Ayurvedic recipes and some Latvian.  The key plus about Kamala is the fact that most of the staff is fluent in English and menus are printed in English as well as Latvian.

In addition to the Vegan/Vegetarian fare listed above, there are several health food stores worth mentioning that sell these products for locals and tourists that want to prepare their own meals.  These include:

Biotēka, Biotēka Cesu, Biotēka Skunu, and Biotēka Slokas – a chain of small health food stores that are strictly organic in nature and sell Vegan and Vegetarian foods only.  Additionally, they carry a variety of other organic products such as cosmetics, eco-friendly washing liquids, essential oils, hygiene products, supplements, and vitamins.

Garsvielas – another small health food store that features soya meats and Vegan or Vegetarian provisions.

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