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Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Rhodes is an island of contrasts as package tourist resorts in all their gaudy glory crowd the northern coast while the south coast maintains a traditional Greek island way of life as best it can. This division allows tourists to get to and live on the island very cheaply but means they always have an avenue of escape if the loud and constantly active resorts become overwhelming.

photo by Flavio (mostly off for a while…)

Rhodes Old Town is a beautiful and atmospheric glimpse of life on the island through the centuries, although visitors should not expect to escape from the tourist hordes by coming here. The ancient streets are perfect for gentle exploration while the harbour and museums still provide a welcome break for those bored of sitting on a beach all day. The variety of cheap restaurants and cafes dotted about the harbour provide the perfect opportunity to sit and watch the world go by with good food and a glass of wine or two.

Epta Piges, or Seven Springs, is a quiet area of natural beauty that is relatively calm and peaceful even in the height of summer. The springs and surrounding forest can provide a welcome opportunity to splash in some cool water and shelter from the sun while the short walk through the woods is one of the most tranquil experiences on the island. Visitors with young children should be aware that part of the attraction of this area is the total lack of facilities and infrastructure.

Asklipio is a small village inland from Kiotari on the south coast of the island. Visitors can easily while away a whole day here visiting the fantastic Byzantine church, small but interesting museums and just wandering the tangled streets. Walk up to the top of the hill for great views down to the sea and a castle for kids to explore. Then unwind with a visit to yet more of the cafes dotted about the villages central square. The locals are friendly and welcoming to tourists so be sure to treat their village with respect.

The ultimate option for visitors looking for a bit of peace and quiet is to leave Rhodes altogether and take a boat excursion to one of the other islands in the Dodecanese group. These leave from the harbour in Rhodes Old Town and there are a wide variety of options available. Tilos and Symi are the best islands to visit if you are looking for relaxation although you won’t entirely get away from the tourists. Kos is another major holiday destination and so can provide a new set of bars and clubs if you want to party while Kalymnos is famous for rock climbing, a potential family activity.


Hotels in Rhodes

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