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What’s the Pretty Woman Hotel Really Like?

Friday, January 24th, 2014

In 1990, moviegoers fell in love with the relationship between characters played by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in the film Pretty Woman. As much as the characters and the story, a major role in the movie was played the hotel in which the majority of the action takes place, the historic Beverly Wilshire – Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Over twenty years later the movie remains popular and will forever be linked with the old Hollywood glamour of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

pretty woman hotel(photo by: Derek Purdy)

Built in an Italian architectural style, the high quality of the accommodation is the first thing that sets this hotel apart and keeps guests coming back year after year. Located at the top of Rodeo drive the 395 room hotel brings a large amount of luxury and glamour to any stay in Los Angeles, California. From Michelin starred dining options, to outdoor terraces and a Mediterranean style swimming pool, the Beverly Wilshire is designed to take the guests breath away.

Pretty Woman HotelPretty Woman Hotel

Built in 1928 in a beautiful Tuscan stone with Carrara marble designs on the exterior, the Beverly Wilshire was popular amongst the rich and famous long before Pretty Woman was filmed in its interior. The original wing of the hotel sits on the fashionable corner of Wilshire and Rodeo, making it the prime location for shopping and celebrity spotting. A second, more contemporary wing has been added that led to an update of the suites and guest rooms to be modern and contemporary.

Pretty Woman HotelPretty Woman Hotel

A stay at the Beverly Wilshire – Beverly Hills, a Four Seasons hotels in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles allows guests to follow in the footsteps of icons of the entertainment industry Elvis Presley, Warren Beatty and John Lennon. All three lived in the hotel during their Hollywood years, while Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton dies in the hotel almost destitute in 1979. Still one of the most iconic hotels in Beverly Hills, would any LA holiday for a fan of Hollywood be complete without a stay at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel?


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