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4 Fun Stag Weekend Activities in Prague

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

paintball stainsPrague has recently become one of the best stag weekend locations in Europe. However, it’s not just the cheap beer and short flights that appeal to the travelling masses, as Prague also boasts a wide variety of activities to get involved in when celebrating your last days of freedom. The following activities are all offered by a number of tourist offices in Prague, so shop around to find the best deals on prices and availability.

1. AK47 and M16 shooting

This has to be one of the ultimate stag weekend activities, and is arguably the most popular. If you have ever dreamed about what it feels like to let off a few rounds of some of the most lethal weapons on the planet, then now is your chance. As well as AK47s and M16s, there is a whole array of guns to choose from, including Glocks, Magnums, pump-action shotguns and sniper rifles. Prices are charged by how many shots of each gun you want, and costs start at around $90 depending on the size of the group, with a minimum of five people. Safety is paramount, and English-speaking staff are on hand to provide instruction and advice at all times.

2. Paintballing

Paintballing can provide a whole afternoon of fun, with sessions usually lasting up to four or five hours. There are a number of different games and courses to take part in, and protective clothing will be provided in the cost as safety is always taken seriously. Tour companies will pick you up from your hotel and drive you the short distance to the course, where between $60 and $120 can get you an experience to remember, depending on the size of the group (six people minimum) and how many paintballs you want to fire.

3. Quad Biking

If you have between nine and 20 people in your group, why not enjoy the thrill of a 3-hour quad biking session over some seriously rugged terrain. The circuit is just outside of the city, and when you get there you will be provided with full instructions on how to drive the quads. These are powerful machines, most of which are 200cc, so once you’ve got the hang of them you’ll have a hell of a time racing your friends. An afternoon session costs about $150 per person, depending on the group size, and transport and gear is all included.

4. Clay Pigeon Shooting

This increasingly popular stag weekend activity pits you against your friends to see who has the keenest eye for hitting the flying targets. Groups consist of five people or more, and you will experience about four hours of shooting, whilst also enjoying some food and drink which is included in the price. The average programme consists of 50 shots, which can happily fill half a day, and just see how competitive it becomes as you and your friends battle it out to prove who’s the best shot.

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