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Pubs and Cocktail Bars in Prague

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Located in the heart of Europe, the city of Prague is one of the more convenient destinations for Europeans and international travelers.  It is the Czech Republic’s capital and largest city as well as being one the largest cities in Europe.  Prague has really evolved dramatically from the destruction left behind by World War II to a city that is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Prague NightPhoto by gerlos

Suffice it to say, the city has become well known for its nightlife.  Clubs and discos are everywhere and you are sure to have an enjoyable evening no matter where you go.  So we have listed the top picks for pubs and cocktail bars in Prague.  We’ll cover the best cocktail bars first and then follow that up with the top pubs in the city.

The cocktail bars

Buggsys – one of Prague’s favorite evening spots primarily due to the entertainment factor and the wide array of cocktails that they serve.  They feature over 200 expertly prepared drinks on their vast drink menu, all of which are prepared by the most experienced and knowledgeable bartenders that you will find anywhere in the city.

Ocean Drive – this high-styled cocktail lounge gives the feeling of being in southern Florida during the Ernest Hemingway era.  The cocktails are nothing short of excellent and there is a wide assortment from which to choose.

Tretters – this bar is known as the place where nostalgic New York and Paris of the 1930’s rubs elbows with modern times.  The deep red colored interior is very relaxing and makes you feel like you are enjoying a night in a posh cocktail lounge.

The pubs

Aloha – a combination cocktail, club, and music bar that is the favorite evening hangout for the younger crowd.  Surprisingly, it is one of the city’s hidden treasures which many locals like to keep secret from most international travelers.  It is situated within a 3-minute walk of Old Town Square and features Hawaiian décor and a theme to match.  The friendly atmosphere is exceeded only by the quality and variety of drinks that they serve here.  Live DJ’s provide the music (1980’s to the present) on weekends.

Double Trouble Bar & Club – definitely one of Prague’s most popular cellar bars.  Although it starts off as uncrowded and comfortable, when the dancing starts at midnight, it’s a whole different story.  If you can handle the crowds and the noise, and love dancing into the wee hours of morning, then this is a must see nightspot for your itinerary.

Lavka Bar & Club – during the winter months this is a great place for a relaxing drink and a dance or two.  Summer months and the hot nights make this the best place for a night out in Prague.  The various bars, dance areas, and terraces make this a favorite stop for locals and tourists as well.

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  1. Magnus says:
    June 8th, 2011 at 21:16

    Nice guide, but Ocean Drive closed in 2007…

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