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Top Restaurants of Porto, Portugal

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Constructed along the hills that overlook the estuary of the Douro River, is the busy commercial and industrial center of Porto.  UNESCO awarded the historical city center World Heritage status in 1996.  Porto has been inhabited ever since the Roman occupation of the 4th century.  Today it is one of the more popular destinations for tourists who want to experience some of the best dining in Portugal.  The following is a listing of the top restaurants of Porto, Portugal.

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Chez Lapin – the homey atmosphere and rustic décor make this restaurant one of Porto’s popular favorites. Antiques, stone walls, and wooden beams are the key features of the décor, all of which contribute to homey and rustic interior of the building.  The restaurant features some wonderful views of the Douro River, affordable prices, and over 40 different entrées.  The menu features codfish, lamb, and roast octopus as well as daily specials of the finest Portuguese cuisine.

Abadia – with elaborately decorated walls of tiles (azulejos), this restaurant is one of the Porto business crowd’s most popular dining spots.  Although the menu features traditional Portuguese entrées, the portions are by no means slight.  The main menu selections include roasted goat, codfish Acadia and Porto-style tripe known as tripas a moda do Porto.  Casual attire is acceptable and the efficient serving staff speaks Porto, the native language.

Café Majestic – if it’s a delicious sandwich or snack accompanied by a tasty cup of coffee or tea, this upscale café is just the ticket.  The interior décor features cherub figures and gold-plated woodwork.  Splurge a little more than you normally would and order one of their delightful pastries for desert.

Casa Aleixo – owned and operated by the same family since the end of the 1940’s, hearty portions of Portuguese cuisine have always been the norm at this establishment.  Ask the locals what dishes they recommend and they will probably suggest the baked octopus or veal.  Baked apples and bananas will most likely be the recommended desert.

Restaurante a Regaleira – one of the most commonly heard a comment regarding this quaint little restaurant located in the heart of the city is that you will never get tired of their ever-changing menu selections.  A variety of Portuguese entrées dominate the menu which never gives you a single hint as to the size of the more than generous portions you will no doubt be served.  Fortunately, you can order half-size portions.

Good food, buzzing nightlife and modern amenities including some of the best hotels in Portugal, Porto is a popular destination for tourists. From sightseeing destinations, historical delights and beautiful beaches, you can never have enough of your Porto vacation.


Hotels in Porto

Hotel Grande Rio- roomHotel Grande Rio
Average Price: € 27
Average Rating: 9.1

Hotel Internacional- roomHotel Internacional
Average Price: € 59
Average Rating: 8.1

Hotel HF Ipanema Park- roomHotel HF Ipanema Park
Average Price: €53
Average Rating: 8.3


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  1. Jean Wojtacha Eddy says via Facebook:
    April 30th, 2012 at 18:13

    Going in September. Can’t wait!

  2. Mikaela says:
    May 6th, 2012 at 14:27

    I visited Chez Lapin during my spring break vacation and I had an amazing experience. The food was great and to top it all off was the stunning dinning setting that created the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a delicious meal. Planning a trip to Porto? Well, this restaurant should be at the top of your list.

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