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Made in Italy

Made in Italy: How to Plan Your 1st Italy Vacation

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

It is a daunting tusk and you have been putting it off long enough. Now that you have decided to begin, there are a lot of things to see and places to visit in Italy each month. Where do you start? Here is piled list of 12 places you must visit in Italy month-by-month.

best time to visit Italy(photo by Moyan Brenn – Flikr)

January visit Rome

With so many places to see, you will need a lifetime to see it. Whether it is exploring the old roman forum and walking where Caesar did, making a wish at the Trevi Fountain or seeing Vatican, Rome is obvious trip for everybody visiting Italy. Going in January is good because the cost of transport, accommodation and meals is lower as compared to summer months.

Florence in February

The home to David and birthplace of renaissance, Florence is the second obvious stop to Italy. If you love art and great meals, then a Florence hotel is the best place to be in February. During February it is a low season, therefore, you will have benefit from low flight costs, accommodation costs as well as low taxi cost.

Venice in March

Venice is great place if you want to take your family out. Visit St. Mark’s square, walk trough tiny alleys and enjoy a gondola ride via the canal. Venice is an expensive city, but it is worth your money if you travel in March during low season to enjoy hotels with free breakfast in Venice.

Cinque terre in April

Cinque terre is home to five towns situated on cliffs facing the ocean. It is simply a wonderful experience. Spend your time walking on 12 km trail connecting each town, shopping at little cafes and exploring tiny streets. April is the best when a lot of tourists have not flocked the city.

Sicily in May

Explore the countryside during May when big cities like Venice, Rome and Florence have a lot of tourists and costs escalated. Temperatures are just perfect during sprintime, so just enjoy every moment of your trip.

Turin in June

This is a major city in northern Italy. It is the home of shroud of Turin. Turin attracts more tourist in June, so just try to be there before the crowds.

Capri in July

Capri has been a major resort destination since Roman times. Located in the gulf of Naples, the island sees a lot of tourist during summer especially in July.

Sorrento in august

Being the gateway to Amalfi coast, Sorrento is situated on the Naples bay. It is busy especially in summer time. However the city has enough to offer for everybody, and august is the best time to experience its attractions and all the sunshine.

Abruzzo in September

It is the home to the Italy’s best preserved renaissance hill towns and medieval. Most of preserved places lie within the national parks and remote regions. September is the best when it is not too hot.

San Gimignano in October

This is a small walled medieval hill town in Tuscany. It is a popular destination if you come from Florence. The city is enjoyable in October when autumn begins.

Padova in November

Padova is an option to Venice; it is a must if you love art. It has lot of places to explore. Visit in October when tourists’ traffic is lower to get the best deals.

Bologna in December

Not usually hit on the whirlwind first tour to Italy, but it is great place to visit from Florence. Bologna make the cities of Italy great and it good place to be in December when big cities are extremely busy and costly, although temperatures can be pretty low.

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