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5 Things to know when planning a trip to Bulgaria

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Planning a holiday in Bulgaria? Here are a few things you must know before your trip.

1. When to go?

The best time to plan your trip to Bulgaria is summer going into the autumn. This time of the year is ideal for hiking and festivals. While this also tends to be a peak season for fellow Europeans you are bound to find the idyllic setting more than worth it. Another bonus to traveling to Bulgaria at this time of the year is the longer days. September is said the very best month of all to visit the hidden wonders of Bulgaria and the tourist tend.

2. What to see?

The autumn changing of the trees and leaves will stop you in your tracks every time. Sandy beach and bays are of the most stunning in Europe. Wild life and horse-riding trails will make for a glorious day out. Lush landscapes create the picturesque setting that comprises the country wonderfully. Bulgaria is bursting with history and historical sights to thrill visitors and tourist alike. Madara National Historical & Archaeological Reserve is one of the most popular with it intriguing rock chapel, mountain fort top views and open air cave wall.?

Rozhen Monastery, built in 1217 with woodcarvings and a mural-filled church and the Rila Monastery, built in the 1830s contains 1200 magnificent murals are two sights that much be seen to be believed.

3. The nightlife?

Bulgaria has an entertainment level on excitement from dusk to dawn. Nightlife here consists of the usual suspects but there is almost something so very special in the air when you set off for your evening’s amusement. Restaurants feature specialty foods like bear, boar and partridge. Bulgarian folk music can be heard per almost every tavern you enter or pass by on route to another exciting evenings event or location. Sofia and other big city centers like Burgas and Varna are your best bet if you are interested in getting a nightclub, casinos or bar experience on the way.

4. The Weather?

Bulgaria’s unique location means you will get the best and worst of Mediterranean and Eastern Europe has to offer.  Summer are said to have more wet days while the keeping to a high of 80 Fs. However, the winters are of the typical cold climate you would expect in European countries. Temperatures reach a degrees range of 25-42 F. The mountains tend to have a vast amount of rainfall so if exploring that region be sure to carry an umbrella and wellies. Do keep in mind that as winters do tend to also come with heavy bouts of snow dressing warm will be essential.

5. The History?

Founded in 681, Bulgaria has been in existence surpassing many of its neighboring countries to make it one of the oldest states in Europe. From the minute you set off the plan you will get an instant sense of that decadent historical surrounding that you have entered into. Almost like a step backward in time, Bulgaria is renown for its Black Sea coastal location, which attracts thousands of tourists annually. It is most famous for its folk music. Also famous for Bulgarians philosophers Julia Kristeva and Elias Canetti, Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1981 and Christo Javachev, the creator of many unorthodox outdoor sculptures.

Photo of Sofia, Bulgaria originally posted by Panoramas

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    Great article! I am going there next month!

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