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Top Pet-Friendly Hotels

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Tired of leaving your best friend at home when going on Holiday? Now you won’t have to with these top pet friendly hotels to choose from.

dog-friendly hotels(photo by zhouxuan 12345678)

Elegance and Style Second to None at the Hotel Giorgi in Rome
If you’re looking to take a refreshing break in a great city, with your beloved pet, then look no further than the Hotel Giorgi in Rome. This amazing venue has a 3 star rating for offering great services like free WiFi, en suite with courtesy kit, a mini bar and of course their doors are open to pets. This makes Hotel Giorgi one of the top pet friendly hotels around. Perhaps, one of the greatest perks of staying here is that you also get free breakfast.

Enjoy a pleasant stay at the Villa Margherita in Naples
The Villa Margherita is another one of the top pet friendly hotels around. The offer Internet services, room service and a TV room. They also go the extra mile by offering access to the hotel for disabled clients. They also have as delightful garden on the roof boasting scenic views, so feel free to sit back and enjoy a refreshing cup of tea on the roof top, after walking your dog. The Villa Margherita is one of the top pet friendly hotels in Naples.

A memorable holiday at Park Hotel & Terme Romantica in Ischia
Never stayed in a 4 star hotel before? Well, don’t delay Park hotel is never too far away. Aside from this venue being on the list of top pet friendly hotels, it also also boasts features that can’t be compared to other hotels. The choice of 13 swimming pools, for example is one of them. Their fitness corner and wide variety of sports, make this the ideal destination for health conscious visitors.

Take a Break at La Bussola in Amalfi
If you enjoy having breakfast, buffet style, then you need to visit the La Bussola – Amalfi. This hotel is situated across the harbour and small pets are welcome to stay. Each room offers a mini bar, so you and your dear pet can enjoy some delicious snacks compliments of the hotel. This and much more makes La Bussola – Amalfi one of the top pet friendly hotels to stay in.

An unforgettable stay at the Together Florence Inn in Florence
If you enjoy staying at 4 star hotels that offer beauty and massage therapy, then this one is among the top pet friendly hotels available. Bring your pet and enjoy rest and relaxation at Together Florence Inn – Florence.

Don’t delay, take your family on an enlightening holiday, with these great top pet friendly hotels, today.


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  1. Fintan Corrigan says:
    March 2nd, 2014 at 14:42

    Lovely article on pet friendly hotels in Italy. It’s quite difficult to find hotels in Europe which welcome pets. USA has loads of pet friendly hotel chains. So I will share this on my Pinterest, Google+ and FB page.

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