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Where to eat and drink in Perugia, Italy

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Perugia takes your breath away once stepping into the walls of this ancient city.

Pizza Restaurant in Perugia, Italy

I visited this city for the first time acting like a kid in a toy store. Expressing a ‘Wow’ here, a ‘Amazing’ there. My tour guide is a good friend, Tina, who was living in the Umbrian paradise back in 2007. She is detailed when explaining to me all the beauties and wonders of Perugia. We started with some Enoteche (wine bars). Then we moved on to pizzerias’ Umbrian style, and ending with some information on a festival that cannot be missed. Unlike Florence, Perugia brings peace to your soul as you meander through the gently constructed walkways. Tourists are out and about but not as constant and filling as Florence. Walking up then down then up again to the most calming squares I have ever been in.

1. Cinastik Wine Bar

Cinastik, which is located on Via dei Priori 39, is housed in a medieval building with a warm feeling that carries you away. Upstairs is where the Jazz happens. There has been many a famous face that has played their music within these walls, from Ligubue and Beppe Grillo. Well these are famous Italian faces, nonetheless it is a very nice quaint place to enjoy a romantic evening or a night out with a fabulous girlfriend. An enoteca with prestige and that cannot be missed!

2. Frittole Wine Bar

The next Enoteca wine bar we went to was called Frittole found on Via Alessi 30. The evening brought on more wine and more of the beautiful Italian, pardon me, Perugian culture. Frittole is the enlightening part of Perugia. I found myself sipping the most delicious Umbrian wine I could have ever drank. Moreover, the colorful people added to our experience. Owned by a couple from Montepulciano, I felt as if I was a guest in their own home. As I wish I remembered the name my favorite glass of wine I drank, I am only reminded of the feeling I felt sitting enjoying my most favorite glass ever. All it tells me is to visit Perugia again soon.

3. Tutto Testo Restaurant

During the day we enjoyed typical Perugian cuisine, Torta al Testo to be exact. The Umbrian fast food as it is called, is a flat griddle bread that is one of the most popular throughout Umbria. Adding your favorite types of meats, cheeses, and greens and there you have the most filling, most delicious, fast food sandwich you can ask for. Traveling to Tutto Testo is where you can enjoy the authentic Torta al Testo. If this make your mouth water, here is a recipe for you here.

4. Pizzeria Mediterraneo

Mediterraneo located on Piazza Picchino 11, shares my love of pizza. I enjoyed a pizza with mozzarella and prosciutto thus ending the meal with a joint piece of tiramisu. Tina and I shared it to our heart’s desire. This turns into a college pizzeria at night, my suggestion is to stroll here for a nice long lunch.

For the views that take your breath away, walk to the lovely Piazza Italia where the Rocca Paolina sits. The portico’s of the Rocca Paolina sets a perfect photo opportunity for the avid photographers. As well as the viewpoints from the streets surrounding the Rocca Paolina, and yes this what people see everyday when living in Perugia. Can you believe it? Here is one of my views from that point.

5. Chocolate

The last but not least attraction about Perugia is the Eurochocolate Festival. Which is held every October, established back in 1907 by Giovanni Buitoni. The founder of the Perugina chocolate factory, Buitoni, created the world famous Baci chocolate as a reminder of his true love. As Valentine’s Day comes around remember the Baci chocolate and give it to the one you love wholeheartedly.

Photo of pizza by shok

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  1. Donna Karson says:
    August 12th, 2012 at 23:37

    Katie…can you help me? I”m trying to figure out if the health food stores in Perugia will have things like cacao powder, almond milk, coconut oil, maca powder…all raw ingredients for smoothies. Do you know or know how I can find out? Thanks

  2. Andrea Casiraghi says:
    February 10th, 2014 at 00:01

    Recentemoente ho visitato la vostra enoteca. Eccezzionale! Ma tra I famosi non ho visto un Umbro DOC, un Umbro di fama nell’aviazione mondiale e che ha aperto l’aereoporto di Perugia ai voli internazionali. Peccato! Io lavoro nel campo aereonautico e lui e’ uno dei miei idoli. Ma l’enoteca?

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