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Choose the right type of accommodation in Paris

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Travel Agony Aunt received the following question from a traveler in agony:

Dear Travel Agony Aunt,
We will be in Paris for two weeks in December. Should we get a hotel room or look for an apartment? We want to be centrally located to walk everywhere. We are not rich, but have found nice places in Venice, Florence, Bologna, and Madrid using Venere. Best Regards,
RWH, age 67, from Los Angeles, CA

Dear RWH,
Staying in a self catering apartment or in a hotel (or even something in between like a serviced apartment) is really a choice of comfort, budget and the duration of your stay in Paris.

Some points to keep in mind:

- Depending on the number of people in your party, the apartment option becomes more attractive with the number of people you’re traveling with. Being that your nightly rate is based on the rent of the whole apartment, the more people you are, the less you pay per person if you choose a multiple bed room apartment.

- Apartments are often the cheaper option for longer stays. Not only because some apartments offer lower rates for longer stays, but also because you would have your own kitchen where you can prepare meals and not have to go out every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Paris has lots of lovely food markets and those baguettes with exquisite French cheese and matching wine cost less at the market than in restaurants, and they taste just as good in your apartment living room or balcony – although the balcony may not be an option in December, brrrr…

- For your level of comfort, hotel rooms often offer more service than self catering apartments. If you do choose an apartment, make sure you check what floor the apartment is on and whether it has an elevator.
You could always opt for a half way solution in a serviced apartment, that has much of the same services a hotel has, like daily maid service.

Having said that, here are some of the options I suggest you check out:

Serviced Apartment Quintinie ParisThe Serviced Apartment Residence Quintinie’ Square near the Eiffel Tower offers weekly rates starting from 125 Euro per night in December. The studio accommodation offers a full kitchenette with fridge and microwave, oven and other amenities. It has received excellent reviews from previous guests that stayed there.

Self Catering Apartment Huchette ParisThe Self Catering Apartement Rue de la Huchette Paris is located in the shadow of the magnificent Notre Dame cathedral on the banks of the river Seine and is bigger (approx. 430 square feet, or 40 sq meters).
The apartment sleeps up to 4 people and is composed of an entrance, a double room, a fully equipped kitchen with lots of amenities, a bathroom and a living room. It has recently been renovated and the building has an elevator. The average price in December is 190 Euro per night.

Hotel Cervantes ParisHotel Cervantes is a three-star hotel located close to the fairy tale-like Sacré-Cœur Basilica and offers double rooms at an average of 24 Euro per night in December. The hotel is housed in a 19th century historical building with elevator. It has a lounge bar to for drinks in the evening , and the area is full of restaurants and brasseries.
The room does not have a kitchenette, but there is a mini-bar.
I wish you happy travels and a fantastic stay in Paris.

p.s. I’m so jealous you get to go to Paris for two weeks!

The rates mentioned in this article were current at the time of publication (February 2008), based on the average current price for the month of December 2008. Rates may go up or down in time.

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3 responses to “Choose the right type of accommodation in Paris”

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  1. Jack says:
    July 25th, 2008 at 04:56

    Beware of Paris and flat accomodation scam. You may book an apartment over the internet and arrive to find that it is “unavailable”. They offer you a much inferior apartment for a fee for the night “as a favour” and promise to show you a better apartment the next day. The showing of the better apartment never happens but they string you out so in the end you stay because moving is inconvenient and they are always promising to show you the “better” apartment. If you look on the internet under paris and flat together as one word you may get some ideas.

  2. mathew5 says:
    August 15th, 2008 at 08:59

    Paris is such a great and rich place.and we get lot of Apartments here.But the cost of the apartments are high.
    Depending on the number of persons we get that much of big apartment and we get attractive apartment also.



  3. Steve says:
    October 10th, 2008 at 14:08

    Paris is a beautiful city and there are quite a lot of apartments to rent – but with everything you have to be careful.

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