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Made in Italy: Palermo Street Food

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

No matter where in the world you go, you will always find food vendors on the street, and Palermo is no exception. Palermo is a street food heaven and what you get in the first-rate hotels is nothing compared to the delicacies you can enjoy here – the food is simply amazing. So, if you intend to tour Palermo, here is something to let you in on the street foods not to miss.

Palermo Street food(photo by: judywitts)

Gelato Con Brioche

The fact that Gelato Con Brioche is an ice-cream sandwich taken to a whole new level is exactly what makes it a must-try food in the streets of Palermo. This sandwich is made using a hamburger roll and generous scoops of gelato which can be obtained in different flavors. The freshly baked rolls make the gelato melt and as the flavors combine, you can be assured of a heavenly swirl in the mouth.


Made using rice, meat and cheese, Arancini is a very popular snack in this part of the world, and you can only get to understand why once you give the food a try. If you fancy some giant arancini, be sure to make your way to Palermo’s Bar Touring in which the delicacy is a specialty. If you prefer to eat with the locals though, you can stop by Vucciria market or Via Porta Carini.


Sfincione is an absolutely fantastic food item to indulge in when in Palermo. It looks very much like an imperfect version of pizza, but with a glorious taste. Sfincione is made using unleavened bread topped with grated cheese, onion, tomatoes, and spices. This Sicilian pizza is sold on street carts in most parts of Palermo.

Some people think street food is unsafe, but in reality, it is actually a great option considering that you get to watch as the food is prepared. This means you see how it is handled and also find out what goes into it. Besides, like the cheap hotels in Palermo, you don’t have to part with too much cash to eat your fill. If you have been afraid to sample street food, why not disprove those fears by trying out these tasty Sicilian foodstuffs?

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  1. dawn says:
    March 11th, 2014 at 05:09

    my husband and I are contemplating a vacation to Sicily Italy. we would like to experience the Italian way. we would love to stay in a farm cottage, bed & breakfast but be also go to the street market, drinking wine in quant street places. but also would enjoy eating the local down home made Italian specialties. maybe a cooking class and wine tour.

    do you have any suggestions of where in Sicily I should start looking? is there a location that is not safe to be at?

    I would appreciate your input.

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