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Prague packing tips

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Travel Agony Aunt received the following question from a traveler in agony:

Dear Travel Agony Aunt
I am traveling to Prague for a week and am wondering if yo have any suggestions on things to pack for the trip? Are there essentials traveling to Prague that you think I may need? Thanks
K, age 36, from Denver

Dear K,
Excellent destination choice! Prague has one of the most beautiful historic centers in continental Europe. In fact it was added to Unesco’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1992. Prague is also a candidate for the 2016 Olympics.

Upcoming Storm in PraguePacking essentials:

Layers & Poncho

Prague weather is tricky. Temperatures can be unstable so it is best to bring clothing that can easily be used to dress in layers. Nights are rather chilly, and average temperatures for June, July and August are in the low 60′s Fahrenheit (17-19 Celsius).
Unexpected rain is also quite common, so make sure you pack a light poncho, easier and lighter to put in your bag than an umbrella.

Travel adapter plug

The Czech Republic has standard European outlets with 220 Volts. If you are bringing a phone charger or digital camera charger, make sure you buy a European plug or adapter. You can buy them at the airport for just a few dollars, but it will probably be cheaper to buy it at your local hardware store.

Comfortable walking shoes

Just like many other European capitals, Prague is best explored on foot. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes with thick soles to avoid sore feet. And in case you do get painful blisters, bring some gel cushions or blister patches to put in your shoes. This way, you will be sure to enjoy painless strolls in The Golden City.

If you are taking any specialist medication, bring them along and save the box. If you do run out during your stay in Prague, you can show the box to a chemist and make sure you get the right stuff.

Picture of an upcoming rainstorm in Prague jakeliefer

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  1. Gadget Whore says:
    June 29th, 2009 at 20:40

    I went to Prague a few months ago and indulged in the very tasty butterfish. Warning: Don’t do that! For the ugly details: (

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