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Veggie Restaurants in Oslo

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Scandinavia’s third largest city and the capital of Norway is Oslo.  It is also Norway’s demographic, economic, and political hub as well as being the country’s most populous cities.  Oslo offers locals and tourists dozens of dining establishments, some priced very reasonably while others have a pricey menu.  One way or the other, you’re not going to be disappointed no matter what cuisine you choose to enjoy for a meal.

Oslo Norway Vegetables

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The same holds true if your persuasion is Vegan-friendly and vegetarian cuisine.  Here are some of our top picks for veggie restaurants in Oslo that you should consider including on your vacation itinerary:

Funky Fresh Foods – located just outside the city limits at the Bogstad Golfclub, this raw food café and restaurant offers a wide assortment of organic, Vegan Western cuisine.  The menu features numerous pastas, pizzas, and salads as well as desserts, juices, and smoothies.  There is also an excellent juice bar to enjoy if you want something refreshing on a warm afternoon.

Loving Hut – Asian Vegan fast food café and restaurant that is part of an international chain.  There is also a take-out menu but this small establishment is known for its simple yet cheery atmosphere.  They are centrally located and accept credit cards for payment.

Kafe Blitz – vegan-friendly, vegetarian café serves a different main dish every day but also has a nice assortment of baguettes and sandwiches.  Even though they advertise being open from noon to 6 pm Monday through Friday and closed on the weekend, they keep inconsistent hours.  So call ahead and find out when they are open and closed.

Fritjof Nansens Plass (Fragrance of the Heart) – this is the sister establishment of the café located near city hall located in the GlasMagasinet district.  The interior is beautifully decorated and the atmosphere is usually peaceful.  The curry and soups are the most recommended dishes on the menu.  Top your meal off with some Italian ice cream for dessert (made in-house).

Vega Fair Food – this combination café-restaurant features an all-you-can-eat buffet that is a mix of international, Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Western cuisine comprised of organic breads and coffees, hot foods and soups.  They are well known for their organic cakes as well.  Credit cards are accepted here unlike many other cafés and restaurants in town, outdoor seating is available, and wheelchair access is provided.

Mucho Mas – Vegan and vegetarian Mexican food options are available at this combination non-veggie and veggie establishment.  Make sure that you go over the menu with one of the helpful and friendly staff members as there are meat dishes on it.  There is beer and wine available but it is uncertain as to whether or not they are 100% organic.  Again, it is best to check with your server.

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  1. Lucette Di Meo says via Facebook:
    August 14th, 2011 at 23:14

    venere .com c’est de l’arnaque !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mathew Decosta says:
    July 15th, 2013 at 23:22

    We had an amazing buffet for very good price there. The buffet had soja and seitan and seemed to be vegan frendly.

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