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Oslo Live Music Venues

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Oslo has always been one of the most popular Scandinavian tourist destinations for a number of reasons.  The culture and the history are everywhere, the architecture is some of the most unique you will experience anywhere in the world, and the cuisine makes Oslo worth the trip.  But what a lot of people don’t realize and oftentimes overlook is the fact that there is a broad assortment of Oslo live music venues that are sure to entice and satisfy all types of tastes.  Our picks for the top live music venues in Oslo are the following.

photo by Alexandre Lung

Sikamikanico – considered one of the most relaxed nightclubs in Oslo, you’ll love the way this dance club is decorated with deep, homely, soft chairs, and a classic variety of secondhand furniture.  It is one of the liveliest nightclubs in the city so you can expect crowds and noise just about anytime you check the place out.  The music venue changes daily from club-techno to DJ’s to the house music.

Herr Nilsen – long considered as being the best jazz haunt in Oslo, it is a favorite of the locals and one of the most congenial night spots in town.  It is not uncommon to catch some of the greatest current jazz music artists in Europe at this establishment as well as some American greats.  It’s one of the best places in town to spend a snowy evening in winter especially when they are featuring Dixieland jazz.

Nomad – if you’re one of these people that loves to change your style every week, this is not the place for you to spend an evening.  It is very much the opposite although no local or tourist would ever call this nightlife venue boring.  However, for people who just want to enjoy an evening of dining, dancing, and just being themselves, Nomad is definitely the place to enjoy a great evening out.

Catwalk Café and Nightclub – considered the hottest nightlife spot in Oslo if you’re one of the “pretty” people.  Where the fashion business is concerned, this is the city’s “hotspot” based on the fact that you will see a lot of wannabe 20-something models trying to hook up and get their big break here.  The interior décor reeks of a model’s paradise with its giant catwalk and track spotlights.  Minimum age to enter is 24 and there is a dress code in force.

Parkteatret – if it’s fine dining and being able to enjoy some of your favorite cocktails, you want to put this establishment on your nighttime itinerary.  Various live concerts include jazz and swing music so the club appeals to a slightly older crowd.  They have an outdoor venue for concerts that is one of the best in Oslo.  It is considered a hip spot but it is also great for the romantic couple.


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