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10 Best Geek Hotels, BP Oil Spill, Top 10 Bathrooms in USA

Friday, July 16th, 2010

We have all been following very carefully the Oil Spill situation in the Gulf of Mexico, and apparently just today BP has claimed a successful placement of the “Cork” that stops the leakage. However, consequences on nature are huge: here is a must read article on the matter.

Here’s a fantastic guide to the 10 best geek hotels in the world at HotelChatter

Personally, I think that the bathroom in a house isthe most important room of all. Intelligent travel has compiled a very entertaining list of the top 10 Bathrooms in America – go ahead and vote for the winner. Losers will be flushed!

Cajun restaurants in Staten Island? Yes, really! The best reason to advise this reading than to see the pictures of the dishes. YUM!

Pic by Mindfulwalker

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