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Why is Nice so nice?

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

It might be the least funny joke in the world but the city on the French Riviera Nice certainly lives up to its name.

Pebbled Beach - Nice, France

If you are old, young, hip, active, cultured, sporty or anything in between the city has something for you. It’s said about a lot of places but Nice really is great for everyone.

If you like to sit in the sun and top up your tan and be around the modern Mary Anne Toinette then Nice has a beach on offer. It might not be the most golden sandy beach, in fact it’s actually pebbles for the most part, but there is no shortage of people flocking to bask in the original and best St Tropez-like sunshine most of the year round. The Bay of Angles didn’t get its name for nothing. The palm trees, the cocktail bars, you’ll feel like you’re in a really cool French film.

If its bars and dining you like then you’re in for even more of a treat when you come off the beach. The newer part of town has some of the best bars in France (outside Paris maybe). You will almost consider wanting to take up smoking to join in with all the ultra-cool set. A great bar to try out to get a real taste would be the aptly named Happy Bar on 3 av des Fleurs, W of Vieux Nice, which has some cracking resident DJs and attracts some of the coolest people in town and from out of town too.

If you fancy a bite to eat in Nice then you’re in for a real treat. Because it’s right beside the coast, you can expect to see plenty of fresh fish and seafood on the menus. There is no shortage of smaller and more affordable places to grab something for lunch or for dinner but then there’s also plenty of the Rolls Royce of the restaurant world with more Michelin stars between them than Gordon Ramsey. Try some Socca too if you get the chance. It’s only really found around Nice and is a pancake of sorts made from chick peas and olive oil and is like a crepe…but not.

If you fancy buying and then cooking your own food then don’t worry about a thing. There a dozens of markets all over the city, especially around the old town area, where you can scoop up some amazing ingredients and lots of little knick knacks too that you can palm off to someone for Christmas. Some of you might be thinking is there anything for the more discerning and cultural? Well there’s plenty. The ancient Roman city ruins of Cemenelum are a marvel to be seen and the little streets of the medieval old town are like being in a fairy tale. Don’t leave without paying a visit to the Matisse Museum either. It’d be a brilliant way to sum up the whole trip, as the artist found Nice the most inspirational place for his work.

Photo of beach in Nice, French Riviera, by Chris230 de Nice

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