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How to celebrate New Year’s in Vienna

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Vienna is one of Europe’s most spectacular cities to visit for the holidays. It is especially spectacular to visit for New Year Celebrations.

No expense is spared in the style category when it comes to ringing in the New Year. When starting the New Year in style is your aim look no further than the Vienna New Years ball. This ball means to bedazzle you into the New Years Celebrations with elegance. The annual ball is held at the Imperial Palace. The ticket to this year end ball celebration is considered one of the hottest tickets in Vienna.

Vienna Imperial Ball

The Imperial Ball is the high society event of the year. Tickets for this event are the hardest tickets to come by. The New Year’s Eve Ball event transforms into the largest and grandest celebration the city has seen. The event commences at 2pm promptly on December 31st and concludes at approximately 2am January 1st. Dancing, popping corks and fireworks best describe the highlights of this evening event.

New Year Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic

Traditionally the Vienna Symphony performs Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on the eve of New Year’s Day as well as New Year’s Day before a live audience. While on New Year’s Day concert goers will be treated to a timeless medley of waltzes, polkas and operetta tunes performed by the Vienna Philharmonic. It should come as no surprising to know how hard it is to come by tickets to this most miraculous social event. Tickets for this concert are snatched up by those who seek to secure their place at Vienna’s second most social event of the year well in advance.

More popular events in Vienna

For those who are not so fortunate to acquire the coveted tickets to the Vienna social events of the year there are several other orchestras, concerts and social events to partake of for New Year Celebrations. It is noticeable throughout the city of Vienna that New Year’s Day Celebrations are well on the way with street lights and fireworks continuing to be a wondrous sight to behold. The festivities of the New Years Celebration fill the air with the sweetness and sounds of fanfare well into the evening. Parades are a specific component to experience during the New Year Celebrations. Innsbruck features brass band parades and evening fanfares in the Old Town for the year end occasion.

Concluding the final days of the year can be done with the utmost of foresight and planning or with last minute flare of a procrastinator. Either way, the city of Vienna will provide the perfect backdrop for the countdown to New Years end and the heralding in of the next year 2009. As the finally days of 2008 are upon us you still have plenty of time to participate in Vienna New Year’s Day Celebrations. Popular events such as the State Opera and the Volksoper presented for your listening and viewing pleasure Vienna will make this an end of year celebration to remember. These gala performances of Johann Strauss’ Die Fledermaus are not to be missed. Toast in the New Year in Vienna and in style.

Photo of Vienna town hall at night originally posted by ahisgett


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