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Top 5 New Year’s Celebration Parties in Europe

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

The New Year is coming up so fast you’ll not even have time to practice gurgling out the chorus of Auld Lang Syne before the clock strikes 12.

London Eye

Many people affected by the economic crisis will be willing to bid what will probably in a few decades become known as the year of the recession goodbye, with a hope for a brighter tomorrow. While a great many of the world’s cities have fantastic New Year’s parties, we’re focusing on specifically the best ones in Europe. Enjoy!

1. London

There are multiple ways to have a great New Year’s in London this year, with something to suit all ages. The London Parade is held on New Year’s day, full-on with circus performers and marching bands and much more, and on the Eve there will be an epic fireworks display over the Thames to properly usher in the new year. However, it’s likely the viewing areas by the waterfront will fill up fast (often by as early as 9pm), so it’s probably worth getting there early. Also worth mentioning is the famous Ministry of Sound Nightclub and Record Label hosting a massive party at the O2 Arena (Formerly known as the Millennium Dome). The tickets aren’t too expensive either but book as soon as possible as they will sell out!

Top London Hotel for a New Year Break : Hotel Club Quarters Grace Church

2. Paris

Paris’s shortage of accommodation can grow particularly acute during the New Year, so book well in advance. Some of the most notable celebrations include the Fireworks Display most visible from the Champs- Elysees. A quieter place to visit on the Eve is the Sacre Coeur Cathedral Plaza in Montmartre (close to where Amélie lived in the 2001 hit Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain ,film buffs!). A highly expensive but also extremely romantic way to while away the final hours of 2009 is a dinner cruise on the Seine which sets off from the Eiffel Tower at 8pm, with a menu featuring Champagne Cocktail and Duck foie gras, among other delicacies. Not to niggle about the ticket price, but let’s just say that you shouldn’t expect much change from €500 a table!

Top Paris Hotel for a New Year Break:  Hôtel Résidence Lord Byron

3. Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s really jazzing it up this year with countless parties and events. The Dutch are famous for their love of partying and DJ’s, so there’s no exception this year at the amount of clubs and bars holding celebrations. Firework displays are promised all over the city, particularly in areas such as Nieuwmarkt and Dam Square. The quietest places to view them are said to be the bridges overlooking the Amstel River. Also, look out for strangers hurling firecrackers around to shock the more gullible bystanders!

Top Amsterdam Hotel for a New Year Break: Rho Hotel

4. Rome

The former capital of what was arguably the greatest Empire ever seen has got entertaining events happening this year, with many of the New Year’s activities taking place in the traditional squares. The Piazza del Popolo will feature attractions such as a firework display and musical concerts. Rome is a particularly attractive destination for families, as on New Year’s Day the attractions shift more to suit children. It goes without saying that Rome’s also a great city for those on “gastro holidays” as there are a great deal of restaurants serving New Year feasts.

Top Rome Hotel for a New Year Break: BB Corso 22

5. Vienna

Long established as one of the worlds’s most cultured cities, Vienna has no shortage of things to do, particularly around the New Year. On December 30th there is a tour, dinner, and concert at the Schloss Schönbrunn, which can only be described as totally majestic. The Palace has a fascinating history, from the reign of the early Habsburg Monarchs (the last of which died in 1922), to Franz Josef’s I occupation and death in Schönbrunn. The evening concludes with the dinner and the concert featuring classical works from the likes of Mozart and Strauss. Additionally, from midday onwards, there are a massive series of street parties, with tents and marquees lining the street and passageways of the old city, hosting parties with DJ’s and other live music where hedonists can dance from New Year’s Eve through to the dawn of New Year’s Day. Exciting, eh?

Top Vienna Hotel for a New Year Break: Hotel Kaiserpark Schönbrunn

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