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Naples Neighborhood Guide to Best & Worst Italian Pizza

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Pizzas in Italy are quite different to those offered by most pizzerias and takeaways around the world. Italian pizzas are far simpler, and even more delicious. This is because in Italy they use fresh and very high quality ingredients that are grown locally.

All Italian pizzas have a bread base topped with a variety of ingredients. The Italian pizza is very simple, with just a smattering of fresh and high quality, locally grown ingredients. These include olives, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, meats, anchovies and herbs. There are many different types of pizza in Italy but Pizza from Naples is arguably the best pizza in the world!

Best & worst pizza in Naples
(photo by: Sami Keinanen)

Cooking Pizza in Naples to perfection requires a few golden rules. Firstly it can only be cooked in a wood burning brick oven. Secondly, the crust has to be soft and light. This is achieved by making the dough the day before it’s used. This allows the yeast to rise for at least 10 to 15 hours. Lastly, the pizzaiolo (pizza chef) has to be a real maestro with the dough stretching technique.

Naples pizza has a thin and crispy base with the minimum high quality ingredients. All of the ingredients are fresh and grown locally so they taste much better than ingredients purchased at a supermarket. This is why Italian pizza is so simple. The flavours of the ingredients are much stronger and more delicious. Too many ingredients will overpower the individual flavours. There is even a pizza with nothing but bread, oregano and olive oil. It may sound boring but it is absolutely delicious.

Probably the best places in Naples to enjoy the perfect traditional pizza is in Via dei Tribunali. This is a street in the historic center of Naples, and there are many old pizzerias here that have been there for many years. There are many other authentic pizzerias in the historic part of Naples and they will give you the chance to enjoy different kinds of Naples pizza that has been cooked to perfection.

The worse place in Naples to try pizza is in the tourist areas, where much of the accommodation is located. Here restaurants produce pizza in the way that most westerners are used to and claim it to be authentic. The pizzas in tourist areas tend to use ingredients are not fresh and have been reheated.

If you are visiting Naples be sure to try a variety of pizzas in the Via dei Tribunali and the old city, and enjoy the true taste of this popular Italian dish. Venere offers you a good place to stay right there, the Bed & Breakfast Zia Maria Home – you just have to start dreaming how a real pizza taste!

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