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Night Markets in Taipei, Taiwan

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Located in the northern part of the island of Taiwan between the Central and Yangming Mountains is the Republic of China’s (Taiwan) capital city Taipei. The city is rich in the history of the Chinese mainland which was originally the geographical home from whence the current culture originated and then fled when the Communists took control.  Today it is a very popular destination of international travelers, especially those who enjoy shopping in the many markets you will find throughout the different island cities.

The following is a list of the major night markets in Taipei, all of which are located within walking distance of the subway (MRT):

Jaoho Night Market – located near Tsuyou Temple in the Sungshan District, the main attraction here is the 150-year old Shandong Hsiaomo Sesame Oil Shop which sells a wide assortment of different cooking oils.  The allure of Jaoho is the fact that it is a cheap flea market that is located off the body of the main market.  As most of the markets in Taipei have catered to tourists and sell primarily new items, this market’s format is very unique.

Snake Alley – located in the Wanhua District (Taipei’s oldest district), you depart the MRT at the Lungshan Temple stop.  Snake Alley is an excellent night market for those shoppers interested in some very bizarre items such as snake blood and snake meat.  Snake handler performances are a major draw at this market.  The market is two blocks long and is well known for the many restaurants that serve a variety of delicacies.

Shilin Night Market – located in Taipei’s Shilin District and near the MRT Shilin stop, this night market originated over 100 years ago when the people of Chuanchou would set up stalls to sell fish and produce.  It has evolved into Taipei’s largest market featuring huge crowds during the weekend.  The market is also known for its seafood vendors selling many unique dishes including oyster omelets and squid stew.

Shida Night Market – depart the MRT at the Kuting stop in the Taan District.  The real fun starts after evening hours. It takes place on the side streets that connect with Shida Road.  Being located close to the National Taiwan University, the market is usually crowded with local and foreign college students.  You will find numerous food vendors here selling, fried chicken dumplings, dou hua, noodle dishes, and Taiwanese sausages.

Apart from these 4 popular night markets, Tunghua and Kungguan night shopping markets are quite frequented by students and tourists. The Kungguan market is more like a street market and is located close to the University. With numerous food stalls, street vendors and stores, it is basically situated in the Chungcheng District and is easily accessible by subway.

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