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Top 5 Museums in Brussels

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Museum visits should not be redundant visions of the same collections. Especially on a holiday, it’s good to keep things light and mix things up. The great thing about Brussels is that it has a variety of Museums. Most of Belgium’s national pride from cartoons to famous artists, from chocolate to music is represented by a museum.

Museum Music Brussels

5) The Center for Fine Arts

Outside of its impressive permanent collection, the Center for Fine Arts is now hosting a fabulous Frida Khalo exhibition. It’s the most famous museum in Belgium and boasts a superb collection of Flemish painters. There are four museums connected to this giant, two of them are in the main building: The Museum of Ancient art and the Museum of Modern Art.

4) Belgian Comic Strip Center

Home to the adventures of Tintin, it is no wonder that Belgians are crazy for comics. Brussels’ cartoon museum pays homage to the history of classic comics. The Comic Strip Center is not just a fun place for kids but a classic monument designed by Art Nouveau architect, Victor Horta. It’s a great way to compromise when the young ones have seen enough cultural sights.

3) The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

During late spring, the royal palace opens the doors of their greenhouses for three weeks only. The 270 thousand square feet complex features plants from all over the world. During the opening period, most of the exotic plants are in bloom. But don’t let the plants take the focus of the impressive structure of the greenhouses, as they are a unique 18th Century construction.

2) Museum of Music

Located in the center of Brussels, steps away from the central train station, the Museum of Music is worth it both for its collection and for its architecture. The building itself is a remarkable Art Deco monument. Inside, they have a large collection of instruments from its birth to modern times, as well as exports from the four corners of the world.

1) Magritte Museum

Magritte is arguably the most internationally known Belgian artist. Even those who have heard his name have seen some of his paintings, like the Green apple on the bowler hat or the wooden pipe with the inscription “ceci n’est pas une pipe.” The museum opened its doors to the public in June 2009 and has been critically acclaimed by the local and international press.

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Photo by Max_au.

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Venere Travel Blog writer tatiana gumuchdjian

Tatiana was born and bred in Antwerp, Belgium. When she turned 18, she set out to find the place where she belonged. She lived in Florence, Italy, in New York City, in Yerevan Armenia, in Prague, Czech Republic and in Guatemala before landing in Berlin, the only city on the planet designed to accommodate her. She has traveled to over 45 countries.

2 responses to “Top 5 Museums in Brussels”

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  1. joris wouters says:
    June 14th, 2010 at 20:54

    Two small but important corrections:
    1. The Frida Kahlo exhibition was not in the Center for Fine Arts but in the Palace of Fine Arts (BOZAR) and the exhibition has come to an end! Closing date was 18 April!
    2. The “Museum of Music” is actually called MIM, Museum of Musical Instruments!

  2. tatiana says:
    June 15th, 2010 at 12:01

    while it is true that the name of BOZAR in French is “le Palais des Beaux Arts,” the literal translation of which is the Palace of Fine Arts, the official English translation is the Center for Fine Arts. Palace sounds a bit pompous in English to refer to a Museum. And the Museum of Musical Instruments is more commonly referred to among Belgians as the Museum of Music.

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