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Top 10 Mother/Daughter NYC Brunch Ideas

Friday, May 9th, 2014

It’s that special day where moms world wide are remembered by sons and daughters. Mother’s Day is this Sunday 11th and is a time to commemorate that special lady. What about telling her to throw in the tea towel and the pots and taking her out for a special brunch?

mother's day(photo by: imagerymajestic)

All over the city, hotels, be they boutique hotels in New York central or smaller restaurants in quieter areas, are out to help you treat your mother on Mother’s day. What would she like? A bit of peace and quiet? A relaxing view over the waterfront? A cruise down the Hudson? Whatever she likes, she deserves to be feted and spoiled on Mother’s Day Sunday.

She may prefer fresh oysters with a champagne chaser. Or would she prefer pancakes, muffins, and a sinfully indulgent cup of hot chocolate? Does she want live music – jazz, pop or piano? A place for the kids to run around (or should it just be you and your mom – leave the kids at home and persuade your husband to take you out for a special Mother’s Day dinner later on).

A boutique brunch will set Mom up for the day and remind her that her children appreciate her. She can indulge in unlimited mimosas while enjoying a special Eggs Benedict (made just for her) at her favorite New York hotel. Or what about a light brunch followed up with a cruise around the harbor? There’s bound to be something for her to enjoy and remember.

Why should you remember your mom on Mother’s day? Could it be something to do with all the recitals she attended of yours over the years? Those late nights when you were sick as a child and she stayed up with you? Those birthday mornings when she got you the gift only a mother would realize you wanted?

If we have kids of our own, our parenting skills owe so much to that lady. Why not make her feel special on that day dedicated to moms everywhere, and raise a glass to her in tribute?


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