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Guide to Moscow’s Izmailov Market

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

People who are looking for genuine Russian souvenirs and bargains at Moscow‘s world-famous Izmailov Market need look no further. This is a beginner’s guide to one of Russia’s most famous general markets. There are a number of points for visitors to take into account in order to get the most out of a visit. There are hundreds of locally-produced souvenirs, merchandise and general goods on offer across the three levels of the market. Visitors can browse a huge range of matryoshka dolls, fur hats and lacquer boxes; all of which offer genuine Russian style and design.


Image: Jorge Lascar

The market is well-known across the country, and it is located near Moscow’s Izmaylovsky Park. Visitors can travel to the market on the Metro using the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line; which is signified by a dark purple line on the system map. People arriving at the market will be able to instantly recognise this enormous shopping venue by its unmistakable wooden frame. Visitors can enjoy this unique shopping experience seven-days-a-week. However, many of the most popular traders will only be present during the weekends. The best times to visit in order to enjoy the widest selection of goods are between the hours of ten and six on a Saturday. There is an entrance fee to pay which will usually be a little higher on Saturdays and Sundays.

It is important for visitors to remember that many of the market traders do not conform with some of the trading standards which are enforced in Europe. Consumers should be aware that many goods are not genuine or are not as they are advertised. Goods described as “authentic” or “genuine” are often cheap reproductions. It is a good idea for people to strike up relationships with traders to get the best prices; and to get honest descriptions of the goods for sale. Visitors should ensure that they get to know vendors while rummaging through their bargains; this is often part of the experience. Many of the wares on sale have been handmade by the market-traders themselves. There are often very interesting stories behind each product; vendors will be more than happy to tell these stories if asked politely.

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