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The best vodka bars in Moscow

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

If you think of vodka, then it won’t be long before you think of the Russians. They might not actually pour it on their breakfast cereal but they’d certainly consider having a shot to wash it down with. Vodka is as much a part of Russian culture as tea is in Britain and the sprawling capital city of Moscow is where the party really comes alive with the stuff. There are dozens of bars in Moscow and many serve more types of vodka than sweet shops do sweets.

Tverskaya Street is one of the hottest spots in the city. As you head towards the Red Square you will be inundated with the coolest and most expensive bars in town. Here are a few of the choice places to get a taste of what was strangely formally called Bread Wine.

1. Vodka Bar

Not the most original of names, this bar ranks amongst the most modern and most cool in Moscow. It’s very selective about who it lets in its doors, as it’s survival of the coolest in this establishment. Once inside though you’re likely to be thrust a free shot of vodka and then it’s non-stop fun from there on in. There’s dancers on platforms, very up to date electro DJs and of course a selection of vodka shots and cocktails as long as the queue building outside. It won’t get busy until after midnight though so make sure you pace yourself. For a bar/club in Moscow at the very height of its powers though, look no further.

2. Boscow Bar

This bar has to be awarded for the shear beauty of the interior décor. From 70s chic to ultra modern furniture, this is a bar that will make you want to get comfortable and then not leave until you’re asked to. It’s situated in one of the best spots you could imagine; just off Red Square and in full view of all the most famous and eye-catching landmarks. The cocktails on offer will please anyone with a thirst for a variety of flavours and the vodka has been carefully picked to match no other in town. Aside from the vodka, the food has to be seen to be believed. If you ever doubted there was a tobacco flavoured ice cream then get down to the Boscow Bar.

3. Propaganda

Another bar named with a good sense of thought, Propaganda is billed as the place to be seen in Moscow, and when you arrive and see the sort of people who drink there, you’ll know what that means. The women look like Bond girls and the men a little like Bond villains, but everyone is very cool, very stylish and often very rich. Don’t let that put you off though. If you aren’t a billionaire, then there’s plenty for everyone here. The guest DJs come from all over the world and include the likes of the British DJ Goldie. It’s a bar by day and then a party by night. The vodka needs a mention of course though too. You will be lucky enough to grab a fairly cheap selection of vodka shots here, which of course vastly outweigh their equivalents throughout the rest of Europe. Propaganda is a bar for all occasions and all types of people.

Photo of vodka cocktails originally posted by Darwin Bell

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