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Top 5 Night Spots in Montpellier

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Montpellier, South of France  is the ideal party destination: big enough so there is always somewhere to go, and small enough to hit all the best clubs and bars in one long weekend. Perfect if you’ve exhausted Paris and can’t afford Cannes!

Everything in Montpellier starts at the Place de la Comédie, the open, central square ringed by cafés, shops, and cinemas. Once you get your bearings here, the best nightspots are all less than twenty minutes away. My vote for the top five party spots in Montpellier:

1. Cubanito Café

Cubanito Café is a snug, Latin bar/club that is all about the dancing. If you love Latin music and Latin dances (and Latin men!), this is the place to go. The outside terrace is great for people watching and the tapas are cheap but arrive early if you want to score a table. Take advantage of free salsa classes offered throughout the week. Every Wednesday is ladies night. Open till 1 am.

13 rue Verdun, 34000 Montpellier

2. L’Oxymore

L’Oxymore bar crams a surplus of people into a tight space with blaring techno music. But it does so gloriously! L’Oxymore draws a varied crowd: natives and foreigners, the tipsy to the very inebriated. The bartenders are gorgeous, and after their shift ends, they often join the crowd on the dance floor. A word of caution: years of spilled beer on the steep staircase make for a treacherous journey from the bar to the dance floor. A must for any self-respecting single partier.

12 rue Bousairolles, 34000 Montpellier

3. Ayers Rock Australian Café

Ayers Rock Australian Café (known as the Australian) boasts quality beers, tabletop dancing, and a mostly non-French clientèle. If you love old-school Madonna and the Grease soundtrack, this is your bar. Other draws include monthly theme parties and dress-to-impress happy hours.

108 rue des Rhodes, Esplanade de l’Europe, 34000 Montpellier

4. Rockstore

Rockstore is a few blocks away from the Cubanito Café and hard to miss thanks to a vintage Cadillac perched at the front entrance. The interior offers a bar in front and two stories of sprawling space. On the first floor, Rockstore hosts concerts featuring reggae, techno, and alternative rock groups; the second floor is generally calmer and a good place to dance, chat, and meet new people (although stay away if you don’t like smoky rooms). Tickets to the concerts are usually cheap and it’s a good place to experience music up close and at full blast. There are rumors of Rockstore’s imminent demise so hit it while you can!

20 rue de Verdun, 34000 Montpellier

5. Côté à l’Os Club & Restaurant

Though situated on the outskirts of Montpellier (technically in the town of Lattes), this establishment offering fine cuisine and late night partying is well worth the trip. The Côté à l’Os restaurant is open late – perfect after hours of dancing in the multi-room discotheque. Open until 5am. Also worth a visit is the neighboring O Bar—open until 5am and with a pool!

Route de Carnon, Plaine du Mas de Gau, 34970 Lattes

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  1. mgmgrand says:
    October 11th, 2008 at 18:45

    Listed things are simply superb.. Night clubs are the best time spending spots around the world..

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