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Top 3 Night Spots in Monte Carlo

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

The beaches, the casinos, and a glitzy atmosphere are all characteristic of the world renowned city of Monte Carlo.

It is a gambler’s frontier and a culinary paradise for every taste imaginable. For all practical purposes, this mecca located on the French Riviera is nothing short of a magical dream-world. Situated between coastal mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco offers the tourist an exceptional locale that is a blend of culture, picturesque gardens, and the smell of wealth all in one package.

Monte Carlo is the epitome of spectacularly exciting nightlife featuring a wide array of casinos and clubs to provide you with endless entertainment venues that will carry you through the night until the sun rises to start another day.

Be prepared to splurge a bit while you are there as you must sample the bars and clubs that define the Monte Carlo nightlife. Be aware also, that since the city is situated on the water, most of these establishments feature terraces for spectacular panoramas of the harbor. The following is a list of the best bars and clubs in Monte Carlo.

1. Bar at the Columbus Monaco

The Colombus Monaco is a classy hotel with a bar and club to match. It is comfortable and quiet, and helps you escape the wealthy “stuffiness” that is Monaco incarnate. Venture out onto the terrace with your drink as you await the meal you have ordered off the broad rotisserie menu. And if you really feel like splurging a bit hire the boat service to transport you to Mala Beach for a peaceful night’s rest.

2. Zebra Square

The Grimaldi Forum’s top floor of the hi-tech ocean-front of Monte Carlo is the setting for the sister bar of the same Paris location. Though the Paris location is oftentimes noisy and crowded this club provides the visitor with a panoramic setting above the harbor. Don’t be surprised at the presence of celebrities and models while enjoying your evening here.

3. The Blue Gin

This is to say the least, a magical club that is uniquely that which is Monte Carlo. It is part of the Monaco Bay Resort with furnishings that are modern and contemporary, yet warm and relaxing. The crowd is most definitely Monaco being glamorous, well-groomed, and exceedingly wealthy.

Chill out at the best clubs to enjoy a vacation in Monte Carlo!

Photo courtesy of  the Columbus Monaco Hotel

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