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Where to Dance in Milan

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Milan is Italy’s largest city (Rome is the largest) and by far the financial hub of the country.  Despite the destruction and devastation of World War II that impacted the city as terribly as it did, Milan has evolved into one of the more beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in Italy.  The city today targets the lifestyle of those tourists who want to experience worldly international pleasures when vacationing outside of their home country.  It is a paradise for tourists who love art, culture, cuisine, football (soccer) history, and most importantly, the nightlife.

Milan Italy DuomoIf you really want to see what the Milan nightlife is truly like, you should explore the many clubs and discos that the city and surrounding areas have to offer.  The following is a list of our top picks to consider for great nightlife experiences when visiting the city of Milan:

Rolling Stone – if you love dancing to rock music or want to enjoy the occasional rock concert in Milan, this is the place.

Magazzini Generali – primarily a dance club although certain days of the week it is used as a concert venue or an exhibition hall and known for numerous important artists that have performed here.

Hollywood – a bit upscale compared to other nightlife venues, this club oftentimes sees its fair share of celebrities such as fashion designers, football (soccer) players, models, and TV stars, and others.

Il Gattopardo Café – this club was formerly a de-consecrated church and now a dance venue where you can actually dance in the church’s nave.

Casablanca Café – a combination disco club and restaurant that entertains you with an expansive house music list that is extremely popular.  This is definitely one of the more popular dance venues in the city and caters to the younger set.  So it can get pretty busy during the summer and pretty noisy as well.

Tocqueville – the atmosphere and décor is definitely a 1970s oriented environment and features commercial house music.

Nausicaa – whether you like commercial house, hip-hop, or Latin music, you can find it all here depending on the night of the week that you want to go out dancing.

Alcatraz – this multi-venue establishment is a combination concert hall, discotheque, pub, and restaurant as well as large international concerts.

Old Fashion – the Triennale in Parco Sempione is the actual building that this club is located in.  This is one of the more elegant discos in Milan and gets extremely crowded in the summertime.  It also features a garden, an open-air dance floor, and restaurant.

Nuova Idea International Disco – originally established as a gay and lesbian disco in 1975, this is one of the hotspots where those lifestyles are concerned and has grown very popular on an international as well as local scale.

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  1. Michael Vengerski says via Facebook:
    June 28th, 2011 at 18:18

    Have been to “Old fashion” a year ago. ! One of the best clubs I’ve ever seen…

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