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The Mediterranean’s Most Romantic Beaches

Friday, January 20th, 2012

When it comes to romantic liaisons, there is no better destination than any of the Mediterranean’s most romantic beaches.  There Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Helen of Troy and Paris, and the more modern romantic couples of Beyonce and Jay-Z or Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock.  No matter how fleeting or long-lasting these relationships turned out to be, it was the setting that was so conducive to these romantic get-togethers. The serene aquamarine waters, white sand beaches, isolated coves and sunshine all through the day is one of the most alluring aspect of the Mediterranean.

photo by david55king

If you and your significant other are searching for the ideal setting for an intimate getaway, we have listed the Mediterranean’s most romantic beaches below:

Taormina, Italy – situated on Sicily’s eastern coast, this town has oftentimes been described as the epitome of beach towns in southern Italy.  It has served as the home for many painters and poets making it a creative cross-section that has been responsible for its climb to fame over the past 60 years.

Cassis, France – once a small fishing village, Cassis has retained southern France’s charm and purity that has been in existence for years without neighboring Cannes’, Nice’s, and St. Moritz’s glamour and glitz.  It is certainly less visited by American travelers than the three aforementioned cities.

Haifa, Israel – when you think of romantic Mediterranean locations, your mind rarely wanders to thoughts of Israel.  Haifa will surprise you because of its peninsular locale and being surrounded on three sides by the sea.  The luxurious European environment coupled with its Middle Eastern atmosphere makes Haifa one of the more desirable yet lesser visited destinations on the Mediterranean.

Naxos, Greece – a Mediterranean island that is greener than most, the high mountains, and one of the region’s most fertile valleys make Naxos another one of those lesser visited yet highly romantic Mediterranean beach communities.  Not only will you find some of the most pristine beaches here, many of the individuals living in this region are still living the way their forefathers did – off the land and weaving on looms.

Murcia, Spain – no trip to the Mediterranean is ever complete without seeing the beaches of the Iberian Peninsula (a.k.a. Spain).  Murcia is no exception to that rule.  Although the area is renowned for being removed from the nightlife and partying scene, it is definitely a preferred destination for artists and romantic couples looking for a tranquil yet intimate place to get engaged, married, or enjoy their honeymoon.  Just beware of the fact that many of the long stretches of beach are totally nude formats.


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