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Take a Medieval Walking Tour in Madrid

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

A walking tour is the ultimate way to get to know a new city. If you don’t have much time then it can provide you with the perfect opportunity to see the best bits, whilst allowing you to take in everything that you would miss from inside a car.

The medieval walking tour of Madrid will make you realise that your feet really are the best mode of transport between the attractions.

Although Madrid provides a number of walking tours for tourists, the medieval tour provides you with all of the best sights on offer as well as a truly enlightening experience of Madrid’s historic past.

The tour leaves at 10am every Tuesday, and at just over 3 euros it represents great value for money. It can be arranged through the Plaza Mayor tourist office, but you should try to book the day before to avoid disappointment!

The tour takes you to some of the oldest and most interesting buildings and features that the city has to offer. You will see the picturesque Plaza de la Villa with its numerous historical buildings, the impressive Puerta de Alacala archway, the Calle Mayor and the Moorish quarter of the city with its tiny, exquisite streets. But these are just a few of the attractions, with a wealth of fascinating historical features cropping up every step of the way.

Not only will you get to see marvellous buildings of real interest, but your English or Spanish speaking guide will provide you with a detailed history lesson as you go, making the whole trip an educational experience that the whole family can enjoy.

To get to Plaza Mayor, take the Metro to the Opera station and follow the signs. The tour takes about one-and-a-half hours in all, and will provide you with a great morning’s entertainment.

Photo of Plaza de la Villa, Madrid originally posted by Ruth L

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