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Top 10 Medieval Villages in Umbria

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Are you planning an Italian trip and not sure where to go? Take a few minutes to know about the historical attractions in the Umbria region.

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This central Italian region is best known for its medieval villages and towns that offers its tourists a picturesque view and a flavor of the Renaissance era. The region is also referred to as “Italy’s green hear” due to its beautiful nature parks. Now let us take a closer look to find out about the top 10 medieval villages that are found here:

Assissi - This is the hometown of the country’s patron saint, Saint Francis or San Francesco. It is a place of many beautiful churches, museums and medieval ruins apart from the saint’s tomb, which attracts many tourists and pilgrims.

Gubbio - Its a medieval town with numerous historical monuments which are predominantly limestone structures and the town wears a medieval, Gothic and Renaissance flavor lent by the architectural styles of its buildings

Perugia- This is Umbria’s capital and a cheerful hilly region with rich historical antecedents. This has many sightseeing places nearby which along with better transport connectivity makes it a favorite accommodation base for tourists. For this, some of the best hotels in the region are located here. The Eurochocolate event that is held every October makes Perugia an irresistible tourist attraction for all chocolate lovers

Spello- Another historical town in the Perugia province is located on Mt. Subasio and overlooks Perugia. This town was known as Flavia Constans during Constantine’s reign. It has a lot of famous tourist attractions like the Santa Maria Maggiore, Palazzo dei Canonici, Sant’Andrea, San Claudio and many more.

Orvieto- It is situated on a cliff and and offers a breathtaking view and has many monuments and structures that date back in history. It’s beautiful cathedral is known to be country’s finest.

Spoleto - This walled town is located in the southern part of the region. It has many medieval and Roman structures and the most famous being Ponte delle Torri or Bridge of Towers. Spoleto is also world renowned for Festival dei due mondi or two worlds festival held every year between June -July

Todi - A beautiful small village located at the center of the region and which is surrounded by historical structures that can be toured completely in several hours. The Todi Art Festival in late summer, Gran Premio Internazionale Mongolfieristico, an international ballooning festival held in July, and Carnevalandia or carnival held around February are few of the main tourist attractions.

Trasimeno- Or Lake Trasimeno is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. Three small islands accessible by boats are by tourists.

Ferentilo- Is known for its mummy museum which is in the bottom part of Santo Stefano church. The bodies that had been buried here had been strangely turned into mummies by a microfungus attack.

Panicale- Is not a very popular spot by itself, but can be a very good tour base if you’d like to visit both Tuscany and this great region since it is situated on the border.

I guess the above are but a few of the exciting places that you can visit during your Italian trip. So what are you waiting for get, set, go?
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