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Pubs and Cocktail Bars in Marrakech

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

The third largest city in Morocco is Marrakech, whose name translates as “Land of God” and is located near the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains.  The city is divided into the Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle which is the more modern, newer European district and the Medina which is the historical city.  Local shops full of character and winding, narrow passageways are typical in the Medina; whereas you will find an abundance of big brand name stores, fast food chains, and restaurants in Gueliz.

Marrakech Morocco NightPhoto by jcb2u

Ironically, and despite the fact that this is an Islamic city, Marrakech has its share of popular pubs and cocktail bars.  Some restaurants also serve alcohol but the more exotic drinks are typically found in the bars and pubs.  The following is a list of the more popular pubs and cocktail bars in Marrakech that you should visit if you want a relaxing drink in the afternoon or have the desire to experience some of the nightlife.

Le Comptoir – noisy yet relaxed, this bar, nightspot, and restaurant is a favorite among the Marrakech locals.  The glossy, nouveau riche atmosphere is not characteristic of classic Moroccan culture but the party atmosphere is hard to beat on weekends.

Montecristo – this expansive dance club serves alcohol in the Bar African on the ground floor and entertains its guests with a variety of French jazz.  Upstairs you can slink and strut to the sounds of salsa and sambas.

Al’anbar – one of the well-stocked bars that features a Grand Piano in the basement dining area.  The atmosphere is a combination of an atrium type layout with the acoustics of most shopping malls.  Despite these issues, the locals will tell you that no other piano bar compares with the Al’anbar.

Chesterfield Pub – referred to as the “Bar Anglais” by the locals.  Despite the British sounding name, there is nothing particularly English about this establishment.  However, locals and tourists alike will tell you that the Chesterfield serves up a tasty pint.

La Casa – this is a bar that thinks it’s a night club as it mixes dancing, dining, and drinking under one roof.  It is somewhat disco-esque because there is a lot of flashing and strobing going on throughout the evening which accompanies the beat of the Arabian/Latin music.  This is definitely a chic establishment that exhibits the feel of a night club.

Samovar – the easiest way to describe this establishment is to call it a crazy and wild saloon.  It is one of the busiest and rowdiest bars in Marrakech, and body contact is quite unavoidable although sometimes it is opportunistic.  Just be aware that this is a place where having too much to drink is the norm.

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