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Touring Haunted Sites in Madrid

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Madrid is one of the most amazing cities in Western Europe.  When you first set foot in the city, you’re going to experience a number of different sensations.  You’ll feel as though you have just entered a time of centuries past that you have only learned about in history books in high school or college.  The city is a mixture of cobblestone streets, crowded central plazas filled with the locals, and stunning palaces.  You may even feel as though you have just walked into a type of Spanish designed New York City.

photo by Axel Rouvin

Interestingly enough, if you are an aficionado of paranormal activity, you will enjoy touring haunted sites in Madrid that we have listed here:

Belmez de la Moraleda – located in this small Madrid village is an inconspicuous whitewashed home that Spaniards contend is one of the most notoriously haunted sites in the city.  The home is the site of numerous paranormal events, most of which occur within the kitchen area.

Supposedly there are images of human bodies and faces that show on the cement floor and then mysteriously vanish.  After these instances created a lot of publicity, the authorities decided to investigate the property and found that the home had been built on top of a 700-year old cemetery.

Reina Sofia Museum – the building is the home of “Guernica”, the most famous of Picasso’s paintings as well as and extensive collection of Salvador Dali’s pieces.  It is also said to be a haunted structure.  The building is over 200 years old and at one time was a hospital which many believe is what counts for the paranormal activity that goes on there.

Employees of the museum and many of its visitors have reported numerous apparitions that occur in the evening hours in the central part of the structure.  Strange voices and whispers have also been said to occur during this time frame and into the early morning hours which was reported by the security guards of the museum.

Palacio de Linares – this famous structure is located across from the renowned Banco de Espana.  It is also the home of the Casa de Americana.  The center promotes the cultural diversity of the region through Latin American art.  However, the locals also know the building for its paranormal events that have occurred there that was supposedly the spirits of the prior owners of the building.

It was built in the late 1800’s by a wealthy businessman named Jose de Murga after he had it designed by Carlos Collubi, a well known architect of the day.  The legend of the Palacio de Linares has it that the paranormal activity is due to the spirit of Murga’s son and his lover who was supposedly the daughter of Murga’s ex-wife.


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