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A Luxury Holiday in Vienna, Austria

Friday, November 27th, 2009

As the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the seat of the Habsburgs, Vienna is one of the few cities in Europe which has kept its Imperial splendour and charm while advancing boldly into the modern world.

While destinations further east continue to draw the masses looking for cheap thrills behind the former Iron Curtain, Vienna will remain one of the most refined cities in Europe.

The selection of exclusive luxury hotels in Vienna is excellent. The presence of the UN, IAEA and OSCE in the city means that it is used to catering for high ranking international delegations. Visitors can choose between the refined and elegant Old Masters or the chic and stylish modern additions. Either way, visitors are guaranteed an indulgent stay with masterful service.

The cuisine in Vienna is different to that in other Austrian towns, primarily because of the large migrant population in the city. Excellent restaurants are dotted around the city in almost every culinary style imaginable. The famous Weiner Schnitzel is part of traditional Austrian cooking or visitors could try something a little more exotic.

Vienna is particularly well known for its cultural attractions. These include world class theatre and opera, exquisite museums based on the former Royal collections and magical architecture. Depending on your tastes you could spend days or weeks here, lost in the world of fantasy that produced Mozart, Klimt and so many other artistic greats.

But Vienna is not just about culture, it is about exploring the finer things in life in many different ways. A number of quality private spas are located in and around the city, many building on Austrian tradition but giving them satisfyingly modern twists. Many are also built to run on renewable energy sources so a day of pampering need not come at a cost to the environment.

Just forty-five minutes from Vienna is the Neusidler-See, an inland lake that is a haven for sailing and boating of all kinds. The lake is also situated in the middle of Burgenland, the wine centre of Austria. A string of top restaurants around the lake shore mean that visitors can call in to taste the freshest fish pulled from the lake and sample the local wines.

Vienna International Airport hosts direct flights from all over the world, especially North America and the Middle East. Easyjet flies from the UK but most other budget carriers prefer to use other airports in the region, which makes them inconvenient for getting to Vienna.

For one hundred and fifty years as the capital of an empire Vienna honed the skills of providing luxury, pleasure and indulgence to those that mattered. Nowadays these skills are available to discerning guests as well as Royalty. While the travel herds head west to the coast of Spain or east to the emerging tourist markets, Vienna knows that it will always be able to attract those with suitable taste and sophistication.

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Photo courtesy of  The Ring, Vienna’s Casual Luxury Hotel

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  1. Benedicto says:
    October 19th, 2011 at 13:54

    Nice hotel I can travel in Vienna sometimes so that I can have experience on how to treat their tourist and I will apply it to my guest in spending their Holiday in Guatemala.

  2. oliver says:
    July 4th, 2013 at 16:33

    Your experience really helped me to plan everything, I was planning to go there, maybe 2 more months

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